Important Update For All Visa Holders In Australia

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Important Update For All Visa Holders In Australia

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has currently proclaimed a few new updates regarding all its visa holders. The following write-up will give you a clear idea about who can and who can’t stay in Australia and which visa holders can return to their home country and what are the possible reasons behind them. Besides, what are some of the visa conditions they need to abide by is also something which you will learn about?

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1. Conditions for Permanent Visa Holders

All the Australian permanent visa holders can return to Australia, but, after they arrive at their concerned destination which includes either hotel or any other accommodation, they need to stay there in self-isolation for the next 14 days. This particular restriction is applicable only to all those visa holders who have got the approval of their permanent residency visa, but, haven’t come to Australia via that.

2. People Staying Outside Australia

People who are residing outside Australia can now access a number of added risk management measures taken by a large number of panel clinics as imposed by their individual governments. However, some of the clinics have also stopped providing their services to the masses and will not do so for the next few months.

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3. People Staying Inside Australia

All the visa holders who are staying inside Australia at the moment are enjoying much better medical facilities through the Visa Medical Services as well as the Bupa Medical Services. However, some restrictions have been imposed by the Department of Health to curb the number of affected people inflicted by Coronavirus as much possible. Some of these restrictions include maintaining a certain social distance as well as a reduction in the number of available appointment bookings in all the healthcare clinics. These restrictions will surely ascertain the absolute health and safety of all the visa applicants and all the staff working in each of these centers. This particular protocol has already come into effect from the 19th of March 2020 as per the Australian Government’s decision.

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4. Scarcity in Visa Medical Services

Visa holders residing both inside and outside Australia are likely to encounter a sudden shortage in the various visa medical facilities out there due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Applicants do not need to contact a medical clinic if they haven’t requested for a medical service or haven’t made a visa application. However, the processing officers have also assured that each of these applications will be processed according to the extra time-frame imposed as a result of these visa medical service restrictions.

5. Criteria for Australian Visa Holders

There are certain criteria that the Australian visa holders need to abide by. Visa holders can access their application status via the VEVO system or their concerned immigration site. On the other end, bridging visa holders who are staying outside Australia and whose visas are about to expire need to apply for a new visa. However, they need to be outside Australia while applying.

Some Essential Facts About Australian Visa Holders

According to the no further stay conditions 8535, 8534 and 8503, you need to leave Australia to apply for any other visa once your existing visa is just two months away from expiring. However, you can continue to live in Australia by requesting a waiver to the Department of Home Affairs, and, you can apply for a new visa within this period of time. Besides, according to 8558 conditions, temporary visa holders cannot stay in Australia for more than 12 months within an 18 months stay period. However, you can apply for a bridging visa if you find that your existing visa is on the verge of expiring to stay in Australia lawfully. On a final note, the Covid-19 restrictions are applicable to all those applications that have access to go back to their concerned home countries and are not permanent residents of Australia. At this moment of the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak, our visa Consultants at ISA Migrations are operating from a remote location to ensure that you do not have to face any kind of problems and so that you can easily discuss your concerns regarding the updates and changes in the visa conditions. We are providing full support to the people seeking migration help and are always functional to keep you updated through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels.

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