Novel Corona Virus: (COVID-19) Affects Australian Visa Holders And Applicants – Must Read FAQs

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Novel Corona Virus: (COVID-19) Affects Australian Visa Holders And Applicants – Must Read FAQs

Throughout the globe, almost each and every individual is aware of the term Corona Virus. Basically it is a virus, which was initially reported in Wuhan, China. It has infected a countless number of people, many have recovered, but plenty of them have lost their lives battling the virus. Coronavirus has affected the Australian visa holders and applicants greatly, and many international flights have been canceled. All travelers in Australia will go under self-isolation for 14 days, and the nation has issued a ban on cruise liners, which are arriving from other countries to Australia. The ban for the cruise liner will be for 30 days so that the outspread of this virus can be stopped which has almost become a reason for the global outbreak.

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Some Important FAQs for the people who are in Australia

Q1. What should all the visa holders do when their visa is just about to expire and they cannot go back to China? Will they be able to extend their stay in Australia?

Yes, you can, but to remain in the country, even after the expiry date you need to apply for a visa. If you wish to know more about staying in the country beyond the expiry date of the visa, you can take the help of ISA Migrants and Education Consultants, who will provide you with the help you need.

Q2. When must an individual apply for another visa to stay in Australia?

You can only apply for another visa before your current visa expires. For such reasons, you will be eligible to apply for a bridging visa. This will allow you to help you stay in Australia before any decision is made on your visa.

Q3. Visa holders who have “No Further Stay” attached to their visa, are eligible to stay in Australia?

When your visa includes the “No Further Stay” condition, then you are not eligible to make a proper and valid application for other types of visa during your stay in Australia. To stay within the country beyond the visa expiry date, you need to request to waive this particular condition. Get assistance from the expert migration agents at ISA Migration and Education Consultants on how to request a waiver of the “No Further Stay” condition on your current visa. At this outbreak, our registered Migration Agent Perth and Migration Agent Adelaide at ISA will feel happy to assist you.

Q4. Can a visa holder in Australia, with a condition 8558, apply for a new visa to remain in the country? Even though the visa holder had been living in the country for 12 months out of the 18 months?

When you are a visa holder with an 8558 condition and have stayed in Australia for 12 months within the 18-month period, you need to apply for a further visa to remain in the country so that you don’t breach the visa condition.

Q5. When an individual does not have a valid Australian visa, what should that person do?

When your visa has already expired, you need to apply for a Bridging E-Visa with immediate effect. The Bridging Visa E or BVE is a short-term visa, which will help you to remain lawful while you plan to leave the country.

Must read FAQs for people outside Australia

Q1. Will Bridging B-Visa help an individual return to Australia?

Unless you are an Australian citizen, it will be not possible for you. BVB is given to individuals who are in Australia, not outside. You need to apply for a new visa if you are outside the country and your Bridging Visa B has expired.

Q2. What must the people do to gain entry into Australia when they are overseas and cannot enter the nation until their visa is valid?

When you are currently outside Australia and you cannot enter the country before the validity of your visa ceases, then you need to apply for a new visa. Therefore, you must know that you cannot extend the validity of your visa.

Q3. What does “usually resident” mean and how can a New Zealand citizen be able to prove it?

The special category (SUBCLASS 444) is the visa that is provided to all citizens of New Zealand, but they are not permanent resident visas. But, if you reside in Australia, you will not fall under the current travel restrictions and you can prove it by showing your Australian driving license.

Q4. Can a former permanent resident travel to Australia?

For all former permanent residents of Australia, they can apply for a Return resident visa, but you need to wait before you are granted that visa.

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Safety measures for Corona Virus

To be safe from the deadly virus of COVID-19, the below-mentioned points must be followed as preventive measures:

  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in regular short intervals.
  • Stay at least 1 meter away from people who are suffering from sneezes and coughs.
  • Keep washing your hands well with soap and water.
  • While coughing or sneezing make sure to cover your mouth with flex elbow or tissues. Discard the tissue in a closed bin.
  • If you are experiencing fever, cough or difficulty in breathing, make sure to seek medical help with immediate effect. Also, be sure to share any recent travels with your medical healthcare providers to help you recover from the health issue.

Prevention is always better than cure!
Follow the preventive measures and stay safe at this very moment of the global outbreak…

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