Corona-Virus Dread Affects Temporary Australian Visa Holders The Most

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Corona-Virus Dread Affects Temporary Australian Visa Holders The Most

From the time the Australian Department of Home Affairs has imposed its travel ban and border restrictions on its visa holders, it has been inferred that around 2.4 million temporary visa holders have been affected as a result of this. Conversely, temporary visa holders who have been denied permission to leave the nation have become quite panicked and have started giving a flurry of calls to the Department of Home Affairs by now. However, most of the officials of the Department of Home Affairs have asked them to put an end to their panic, as they will try to help them in every possible way.

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Temporary visa holders whose visas are on the verge of expiring can apply for a new visa. This includes the provision of a bridging visa to most of the visa holders, to allow them to stay in Australia legally. However, while doing so, the visa holders have to take two things into consideration. The first includes the condition of their existing visa whereas the second includes its expiry date. There are also provisions for students who have either completed their course of study or are about to complete it. They can either apply for the visa subclass 485 or a new visa if they are allowed to do so. On the contrary, if they are legally not permitted to opt for either of these visas, then, they can apply for a visitor visa to extend their stay in Australia temporarily.

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People working or staying in Australia with a temporary visa, will need to fill in and submit form no. 1447 to the Department of Affairs to request for waivers, to continue staying in Australia for the time being. This particular facility is applicable to all those, whose visas do have a ‘no further stay’ condition comprising the codes of 8503, 8534 and that of 8535. Along with this, a temporary visa holder whose visa doesn’t include any visa conditions can apply for a completely new visa, only after their current visa expires. Visa holders both, permanent and temporary, who are outside Australia at the moment, have also been denied permission to come to Australia as a result of the border restrictions imposed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. From the time, the Department of Home Affairs has announced the provision of certain special privileges for temporary visa holders, they have started getting numerous calls with 36 hours of the event, as said by some officials.

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Some officials of the DoHA are also being apprehensive of the fact that just the way the outbreak of Covid-19 has compelled several nations to go for an unprecedented lockdown, it might become the case with Australia very soon. Conversely, it will affect the processing times of new visas of their temporary visa holders as well, which might lead to dreadful consequences. The Department of Home Affairs has also warned that if any of the visa holders tried to access Australia forcibly, it will lead to their deportation from the country and the situation may culminate in the form of cancellation of their visas.

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