Welcome Back! International Students and Backpackers are all set to return to Australia

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Welcome Back! International Students and Backpackers are all set to return to Australia

It was indeed a great day for many people, as Alex Hawke MP, Minister for Immigration, Migrant Services, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, announced that a substantial number of International Students and Working Holiday Makers will be arriving in the nation in the coming weeks.

Minister of Parliament Hawke mentioned, “Australia is now available for business activities. We are all set to welcome back Backpackers, skilled migrants, and International Students.”
He also added that as the Government announced wavering the Visa Application Charges on special grounds for all the people who arrive in Australia over the next few weeks, the number of Visa applications has surged exponentially in the past week.

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The latest Updates from the Government

Alex Hawke again mentioned that they are processing the visa applications as fast as possible and working on constructing and building back healthy pipelines for the Working Holiday Makers, both existing and those about to turn up.

  • As Australia’s present economic standing is ferociously strong and the unemployment rate is considerably low, the government authorities and the industries are imparting incentives so that workers from abroad come to Australia. Hawke says, “We are ready to meet the demand.”
  • It is a huge responsibility to recover the economic standpoint by filling in crucial shortages in skills. So in place of this cause, the higher authorities are bestowing incentives so that the global skilled workers get the motivation to arrive in the lands of Australia and avail themselves of the magnificent employment opportunities.
  • Minister of Parliament Hawke adds that the whole Australian regime wants skilled workers to participate in the remarkable economic recovery that Australia is comprehending currently.
  • “There are more jobs now available in Australia than before the COVID-19-Pandemic, and there are still many more places available to Backpackers and Students that we are ready to fill, so come on down,” he mentioned.

Important News: Good News Alert! Internation Students’ And Working Holiday Makers Visa Charges To Be Waived Off

International Students

As Minister Hawke is directing the authorized department for issuing additional resources to process the visas of International Students, the Visa grants for International Students are becoming superfluous.

  • In the last week alone, Australia proudly welcomed approximately 7000 International Students. The authorities of Australia have reported that they have witnessed extensive returns of International Students from January 24 to 30 on the nation’s shores. These enormous numbers have arrived much ahead of the commencement of their courses in Australian Institutions across the nation.
  • And at present, as many as 56,000 International Students have arrived on the shores of Australia since late November 2021.
  • In recent months, the demand for Australian Study Visas has grown immensely stronger, with more than 50,000 lodgements of an overseas student visa, since late November last year.

Working Holiday Makers

The Australian Government is currently partnered with 45 countries and regions that are now participating in the program. The regime has also signed up with some new partner countries to have increased the arrangements for Working Holiday visa.

  • It was seen that in the last week, there was an exponential increase of 17% in the arrival of Working Holiday Makers in the lands of Australia. The Working Holiday Maker Visa – Subclass 417 and 462 – surged exquisitely from 24th to 30th January this year.
  • Around 2600 visa applications were submitted by overseas Backpackers.
  • Since Australia reopened the international borders for skilled workers, Working Holiday Makers and International Students, who have been vaccinated fully, a total number of 28000 Working Holiday Maker Visas got approval over the past few months.
  • It is because of the National Plan to reopen Australia safely again.

Visa Application Charges – Return and Refund

As per the National Plan to safely reopen Australia, fully vaccinated Working Holiday Makers and International Students have been motivated and encouraged to return to the lands of Australia. With their arrival, they can help recover the economy and thereby commence studies and launch the new window of – Visa Application Charge or VAC – for eligible travellers.

  • Those Working Holiday Maker visa holders with subclass 417 and 462 visa are eligible for VAC refund, those who are outside the nation and are planning on arriving on the shores between January 19 2022 and April 19 2022.
  • And for the student visa holders, those eligible for a VAC refund must be returning to Australia between January 19 and March 19, 2022.

International Students and Working Holiday Makers – New Attraction

The call to return to the lands of Australia have been proudly supported by a new marketing campaign of $7 million. It is to attract the young generation from overseas to work and enjoy holidays in Australia.
The new campaign – ‘Work and Play the Aussie Wa – greatly encourages the assimilation of Working Holiday Maker visas in the Europe, United Kingdom, Korea and Japan by providing travellers with a glance of the adventures that await them work travel in the Australian lands.

On the other hand, to attract great numbers of International Students, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission or Austrade is running a successful campaign. For more information and latest updates, get in touch registered migration agent perth at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants. They can help you understand all the latest developments and updates.

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