Govt. Announced Temporary Relaxation in Working Hours For Student Visa Holders

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Govt. Announced Temporary Relaxation in Working Hours For Student Visa Holders

Australia has faced an immeasurable workforce deficiency due to consecutively prevailing pandemics for the last two years. With the inception of the novel coronavirus, Australia has confronted a lot of downfalls and is still trying very hard to combat the same. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already announced on Wednesday morning that, “We want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia – move all the way around the country and, at the same time, join our workforce.”

In addition to it, the Government authorities have bestowed a temporary relaxation on the working hours for all the student visa holders. This modification has been applied to every other economic sector of the country.

Student Visa

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As per the governmental guidelines, this statute is to be put into immediate effect every day; it is applicable for all the pre-existing students of Australia who are holders of student visas and all the new students who are contemplating their arrival in the country.

Updates For Students

According to the ordinance, any student who yearns to start with a job right before the commencement of their course will stand a chance and be endowed with permission to do the same. All the international students can work even before their educational course starts, and they can work for more than forty hours every fortnight in any country’s economic sector.

  • This regulation has been issued by the Government of Australia, keeping in mind the devastating workforce condition of the country.
  • As Morrison has also exempted the application charges of both international students and holidaymakers, those international students who travel to Australia between January 19th and March 19th, 2022, will refund their visa application charges. The details for applying for a refund will be available shortly on the official website of the Government of Australia.

Even though the working hours have been made flexible, students must imply a perfect balance to their education and work. Every student must take note that:

  • They should have a satisfactory attendance for their ongoing course
  • They must maintain regularity with their course enrolment
  • They should have satisfactory progress in their educational course

All students must remember that if they fail to meet the earlier statements, they will be penalized for breaching the visa conditions.

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Employers’ Information

Every overseas worker that includes international students is also implemented with the same workplace rights, just like all other employees under the workplace law of Australia. All workplace employers must strictly continue following the Australian workplace law. With these remaining intact, the DHA and Australian Border Force will:

  • Not to cancel the student visas for those who work for more than 40 hours every fortnight, the exercise for discretion under s116 (1) (b) of Migration Act 1958.
  • Will not refer any third-party hiring companies as an employer to investigate any offense under s245AC of Migration Act 1958.
  • Will not refer any student visa holders to investigate any potential offense under s234 of Migration Act 1958.

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These are some of the updates that students and employers needed to know. For more information and expert guidance on such matters,consult with Registered Migration Agent Perth at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants. they will always be there to help.

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