Temporary COVID-19 Concession Applied From 27th February On Family Visas

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Temporary COVID-19 Concession Applied From 27th February On Family Visas

The travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 predicament has affected a number of family visa applicants recently in Australia. Particularly, holders of certain family visas have been affected the most as a result of the infliction of novel Corona. So, the Department of Home Affairs is considering all the unwanted issues which are the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, when deciding on the visa applications. In response to this endeavour, family visa applicants are getting additional time concerning their visa applications as well.
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Announcement of the notable changes

The Department of Home Affairs has declared some prominent changes regarding the applications of the affected family visa applicants. These changes are supposed to come into effect on 27th February 2021. According to these alterations, visa applicants need not be offshore while applying for their pertinent visa stream. They can apply onshore means from inside Australia for the time being. This is basically a temporary concession which has been granted to these applicants who cannot travel outside Australia due to the travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eligible Family Visa Applicants

Holders of only certain family visa streams would qualify for the concession as proclaimed by the Department of Home Affairs. These include certain Child and Partner visa subclasses including:

Applicants of all these visas are granted additional time to meet the necessary criteria. It includes any current criterion to remain offshore at the time of visa approval.

Another Prominent Concession

Another concession has approved visas to applicants residing in Australia. These visas are supposed to be extended to holders of eligible Parent visas as well affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This concession will apply to holders of the following visa categories.

The latter concession is supposed to start from March 24, 2021. Besides, the Australian Immigration Department has made another striking announcement. According to this proclamation, the processing durations of the Parent visa applications will not be affected by these changes. The Department of Home Affairs has kept these alterations unchanged until the declaration of the next announcement. Do you need furthermore information about this news? Then, contact Registered Migration Agent at ISA Migrations to get the best guidance in this matter.

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