WA Skilled Migration Program – Certificate and Diploma courses to be included

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WA Skilled Migration Program – Certificate and Diploma courses to be included

With immense zeal and exuberance, Western Australia has a good news for all. It has decided to change its state nomination comprising its Graduate stream skilled migration. This amendment will include certain kinds of vocational education and training courses. Western Australia a few years back was declared as a declassified regional area in the year 2017. And this is the major reason for which it had introduced this amendment in its Graduate stream skilled migration realm.

A few changes in its academic programs eligibility

The Graduate skilled migration is not only applicable to the university pupils as a matter of fact. At the same students studying vocational courses can also avail the privilege of the Graduate skilled migration program in WA. Applicants holding the 491 Regional Work and 190 Skilled Nominated visa can avail the privilege of this particular migration program.

Students who are applying for the Certificate III and other vocational training courses from December 2019 onwards simply buck up! Because these students will be able to avail the benefits of the Graduate skilled migration program as compared to others. Students who have completed a 2-year course from the Graduation Occupation List (GOL) are eligible for the same.

But from December 2019 onwards, students can incorporate the 2 years program duration into their Certificate III and vocational training courses. This they can do only if they have completed any of these courses while leaving in Western Australia itself.

The new list of the GOL and the Graduate Skilled migration will be declared on the Western Australia Migration portal recently. This will be done before the first round invitation begins in the month of December. Students who have completed either a CRICOS coded vocational program, an English language program or any other also buck up. Because Perth based migration agent Kaushal Jhaveri from Horizon has declared something really special. He has told that students pursuing any of these courses will also be counted for the state nomination study requirement, WA.

Some changes in the Employment Criteria

The 12-month employment program or the 12-month contractual employment program has been reduced to half into this nomination. Because applicants selected for 6-month employment or contractual employment program are also eligible for this particular nomination program. Kaushal Jhaveri says that applicants need to show a post-study work experience for 6 months for getting nominated. Students cannot be enrolled for commercial cookery for presiding over certain posts.

A few of these posts include kitchen hand, accountant at a restaurant, waiter to name just a few.

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English language credentials

Applications will have 10 added points added to their skilled migration application only if they are proficiency in the English language.

Various other states of Australia

Students have to move to WA and complete the 2 years program to be eligible and need to certain standards. This requires them to study and reside in places like VIC, NSW and other Australian places. However, migration agent Kaushal Jhaveri says that the eligibility might change based upon certain changes. A few of these changes include changes in the migration rules and skilled occupation list during the 2 years phase.

International students must not pursue Territory Migration and Australian State occupation list since they can change it any time. On the contrary, they must conform to their chosen career pathways. And this can finally lead to a temporary or permanent sponsored migration pathways for them.

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And there is an additional requirement for students residing outside Western Australia. They need to show the adequate financial capacity to support themselves during the entire stay period and also while settling in WA.

The minimum fund requirements are:

  • For a single person-$20,000 (AUD)
  • For a couple- $30,000 (AUD)
  • For every other person apart from the applicant-$5000 (AUD)

And invitation round will be issued in December 2019 for including VET graduates in there.

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