Dependent Child Visa Subclass 445

The Dependent Child Visa 445 is a visa related to the Australian government which grants the child to reside in the country temporarily while the authority evaluates the parent’s partner visa application form. This will allow the child to stay with his or her parents who are residing far away from their parents. The child must be depended on his or her parents who are presently residing there. It has been beneficial for both the parents as well as for the children as it has allowed the parents to take care of their children.

The Visa Subclass 445 has been a gift for those kids who want to stay with their parents who are residing in the country. It states that the child should be dependent on their parents financially as well as emotionally. The children do not need to wait for any government assistance. The Migration Agent Australia helps those candidates who are looking for the visa application form or have already applied for it. The ISA Migrations & Education Consultants have been helping hands to whoever is facing issues regarding the visa. They try their best in getting you the visa so that you can stay along with your children in the country.

Who Can Apply For Visa Subclass 445 Australia?
The Child Visa Subclass 445 has some specifications which need to be achieved while applying for it. The specifications are listed below:

  • While applying for Visa Subclass 445, the child must be dependent on his or her visa holding parents.
  • The child must be financed by his or her parents or an eligible relative.
  • While applying for Child Visa 445, if the child is in the country, then he or she should be inside the country while the visa is granted.
  • And if the child is in some other country then he or she should be there while the application is processed.

What 445 Visa Subclass Lets You Do in Australia?

With child Visa 445, you can stay in the country until the authority decides about the parent’s visa application (Permanent partner). You can travel to and from the country whenever required with 445 visas. Pursuing your learning in your preferred field will not be a problem under the government of Australia. You also have the freedom to work in the country after you complete your studies under Visa subclass 445. The child can also access various health’s related schemes that are available in the country.

What are Child Visa Subclass 445 Requirements?

It is quite important to meet the necessary criterion while applying for Child Visa 445. The application form that you have submitted should have all the details that are needed for the visa to be granted. The subclass 445 requirements explained below:

  • The child should be below 18 years of age. If he or she is above 18 years then he or she should be dependent on his or her parents.

  • The child should have a sponsor while residing in the country.

  • Subclass 445 will be granted if the child has written consent from the legal parents or the legal authorities of his or her home country. 

  • Should sign the Australian document stating that he or she will respect the law of the country.

  • Health and character requirements should be attained while applying for it.

General Eligibility Criteria for Dependent Child Visa 445

Certain points need to be attained while applying for Visa Subclass 445. If one does not satisfy these points then he or she is not eligible for the visa. Missing out on information while submitting the application form will lead to rejection of your form. So the points which need to be followed are stated below:

  • Dependent on Parent who is holding a particular visa:
    The Child must depend on those parents who have a provisional visa or a parent visa or a dependent child visa. If the child is present in the country then he or she can hold some other visa without any further stay condition in it.
  • Sponsorship Details:
    The child must be financed by the same person who is financing his or her parents. The sponsorship should be granted by the concerned authority of the country. It would not be accepted if the sponsored is found to be guilty in any legal case.
  • Age Requirement:
    The child should be within 18 years or above 18 years who is financially dependent on his or her parents who are also the holder of certain visa such as partner visa or dependent child visa.
  • Health Requirements:
    The child must meet the health requirement to get Child Visa 445 which is stated by the Australian government. If the authority asks the family member who is not traveling to Australia but still has to come and meet the test, they need to do so.
  • Character Requirements:
    If the child is above 16 years of age then he or she needs to meet the character requirements which are specified by the government.
  • Australian Statement:
    If the child is above 18 years then he or she needs to sign the statement which states that he/she will respect the law of the country and value the Australian way of Life.
  • The best interest of the children:
    The visa will not be granted if it is not in the best interest of the children.
  • Permission to travel:
    The child should either have a written declaration from the legal parents that he or she can reside in the country, or the law of the home country where the child is residing should allow him/her to stay in Australia or the Australian child order law should allow the child to stay in the country.

Dependent Child Visa 445 Checklist

There is no particular pattern to make a checklist for the details you need while applying for Child Visa 445. A checklist should be the one that has all the basic information about the essentials for the Subclass 445. The details of 445 visas are featured below:

  • Before applying:
    Check the validity period of the child’s passport.
  • Accumulate all the Information:
    Collect all the information such as identity card, health and character requirements age certificate, etc.
  • Application process:
    Applying for the visa should be done on the paper.
  • Post application process:
    A letter will be sent to you if the application is received by the authority. It will also state if the authority needs any details which are required for the visa to be granted.
  • Result:
    While applying if the child is inside or outside the country then he or she should be in the same place when the authority is deciding on it.

If the visa is granted then you will receive the details of the visa such as grant number, visa terms, and condition, etc.

In case of visa rejection, then a letter will be sent to you stating the reason for it.

What is Subclass 445 Visa Processing Time?

The duration of this Child visa 445 depends on certain points which are:

  • Correctly filling the application form.
  • Providing proper details of the information that you have mentioned in the form.
  • Time is required by the authority to access all the details stated by the candidate.
    The table below will give you an idea about the 445 Visa Processing Times.
Name of the Visa Processing time
Child Visa Subclass 445 14 Months 19 Months
75% Applications 90% Applications

The Visa subclass 445 is applicable for those candidates who want to go and stay with their parents in the country. We, the ISA Migrations & Education Consultants have helped many children in getting visa 445. Get in touch with us at the Migration Agent Australia, as we are helping the candidates to solve any issue regarding the visa. We extend our support so that you are free to ask any queries which are related to Child Visa 445.

General FAQs Dependent Child Visa Subclass 445

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