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Remaining Relative Visa (subclass 115)

Australia is among the world’s most progressive countries. This is the reason a lot of people from other countries wish to migrate to this country. There are many reasons for a person to choose to stay in Australia. Four of these include better education, a more promising career, world class business opportunities and a more comfortable family life. If you are among these people having that Australian dream, you are sure to make that happen with Remaining relative visa (subclass 115). This visa lets you stay in Australia permanently if your only near relative are living in Australia.

The subclass 115 can be obtained if an individual:

  • or his/her partner’s lone near relatives live in Australia
  • the eligible near relative or partner will sponsor him/her and all family members included and considered applicants in the application
  • he/she has someone to provide a guarantee of support

The Last Remaining Relative Visa lets one live in Australia indefinitely as a permanent resident, apply for an Australian citizenship, if eligible and travel in and out of Australia as a permanent resident for five years from the date of grant of visa.

Part of the eligibility to obtain is that Remaining relative visa (subclass 115) one should have a sponsor above 18 years of age and he or she has to be:

  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident, an eligible citizen of New Zealand or must be settled and typically a resident of Australia

The applicant him or herself be able to

  • Provide health certificate
  • They should clear the character requirements
  • They will need to sign the Australian values statement
  • Should not hold any debts towards Australian government
Who can be the near relative to sponsor for this visa?

The eligible near relative can be your parent, step parent, brother, sister, step-brother/sister, partner’s parent to sponsor for remaining family visa. It is mandatory that sponsor is 18 years or older than that and should be ready to support you financially for at least initial two years after the visa grant is given.

How do I claim sponsorship?

When you lodge an application for this visa, you will need to fill in the migration to Australia sponsorship form 40

Can I include my family members in the visa application?

Yes, in this family visa application you may include your partner, child or step child

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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