Student Visa Subclass 500 – Accelerate Your Career In Australia

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Student Visa Subclass 500 – Accelerate Your Career In Australia

It’s a privilege in itself to receive a substantial education in a country like Australia. You too can actualize this dream of yours by applying for the student visa subclass 500 effectively. The chief objective of this visa is to let you study a full-time CRICOS program. You can stay lawfully in Australia with this visa unless you complete your chosen course in a successful manner. Before you apply for this visa, you must show an offer letter obtained from a valid education provider. Alternatively, you need to show the necessary details of your course enrollment.

Student Visa Subclass 500

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Fundamental Requirements of The Student Visa 500!

Every applicant of the student visa 500 must meet the basic eligibility criteria unfailingly. Hence, a comprehensive checklist of the basic Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions has been outlined below.

English Language Requirement!

As part of your student visa application procedure, you must prove an optimal proficiency in English. According to this criterion, you must qualify in any of the following English language tests with the desired score.

  1. Occupational English Test: This English language test requires you to obtain a gradation of B to the minimum. You need to acquire B in each of the four components of English i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  2. Pearson Test of English Academic: To qualify in this English exam, you must obtain a score of forty-two altogether.
  3. Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English): A total score of 162 must be acquired so as to pass this English test successfully.
  4. TOEFL Internet-based test: The total score to qualify in the TOEFL internet-based test is 46 to ensure its successful completion.
  5. International English Language Testing System: A minimum score of 5.5 is imperative if you wish to pass this English test successfully.

Remember, that you should have undergone the English language test not more than two years prior to applying. Complying with this criterion is necessary comprising the Student Visa 500 Checklist for sure.

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General Eligibility Requirements!

While applying for your student subclass 500, you must meet some general eligibility criteria without a failure. These include the following:

  1. You should possess adequate funds to afford your entire living cost, tuition fees as well as return airfares. The costs of any dependant family members (if any) should also be ascertained to the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. You should be the holder of the Overseas Student Health Cover until your stay period in Australia gets over.
  3. As already said, you need to possess a minimal level of competency in the English language unless incurred by potential exemptions.
  4. You should also prove that your intention to study in Australia is completely genuine. To comply with this criterion you must submit a substantial GTE statement to the Department of Home Affairs. It will prove that you will genuinely complete the academic course from Australia and will return to your home country followed by its successful completion and
  5. You should have applied for a full-time course from an authorized education provider in Australia. Subsequently, you should have obtained a written format of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your pertinent academic institution.

Note that if you are applying for an online course, then, you won’t have to obtain the CoE at all.

How To Meet The GTE Requirement?

When applying for the Visa Subclass 500 you will have to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. According to this criterion, you need to prove that you’re coming to Australia with a genuine intention to study. You also need to prove that you will stay in Australia for a temporary period of time. To comply with the GTE requirement, you need to show the following proofs to the Department of Home Affairs.

  1. Evidence related to your previous study
  2. A substantial statement of purpose
  3. Proofs pertaining to your family members and your financial status in your native country. You need to show proofs like the details of any house or business of your family. Aside, you can also provide the crucial details of the pertinent bank accounts which you and your family members possess.
  4. Your bond with your native country includes proofs of your personal bonds with your home country. Besides, you also need to show proofs related to the financial bonds you have in your native country. Evidence related to the familial and social ties and potential assets relating to your familial background can be provided too. It will assure the Australian Immigration that you can return to your native country effortlessly once your studies are over.
  5. Employment proofs which include work experience at least for the past twelve months. Substantial tax returns statements, as well as financial statements, will be required to substantiate your GTE.
  6. If you want you can also submit an array of academic or professional outcomes that support the requirement of a substantial future-career.

Note, that if you wish you cannot extend the Student Visa 500 as per the immigration laws of Australia. However, you will be required to apply for another student visa if you need additional time to finish your studies. You also need to do so in case you are unable to return to your home country while your first visa is about to expire.

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Reasons To Study In Australia With The Student Visa 500!

There are myriads of reasons to study in Australia with the student visa 500! A few of them include the following:

  1. Some of the most globally eminent academic institutions are located in Australia.
  2. Offshore applicants can complete more than one course from Australia through the means of this visa.
  3. This visa also lets you study some academic courses through the means of government aids and
  4. Australia provides the most remunerative learning ambiance to all its overseas learners.

So, take your academic career to new heights by applying for the Visa 500 successfully. To get the choicest immigration assistance, hire a Migration Agent Adelaide right now! Through the best of his or her assistance, an Immigration Agent Adelaide will help you apply for your student visa impeccably.

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