Your Guide to Australian Citizenship Processing Time 2024

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Your Guide to Australian Citizenship Processing Time 2024

The processing timelines for Australian Citizenship will be updated monthly, giving you a general idea of how long it will take to process your application. Most visa subclasses and citizenship products have processing periods available. Still, some of them don’t like those that are closed to new applicants, capped, and queued, or those that have a low volume of applications. The two processing times show how long it takes to process 75% and 90% of the global application submissions.

Changes in application volume, seasonal peaks, complicated situations, and incomplete applications affect processing time. Applications submitted on paper or online are all processed at the same time. You should submit your application online because it simplifies the process.

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Australian Citizenship Processing Time 2023

If you’ve sought for conferral of Australian citizenship:

  • 90% of applications take 11 months
  • 90% of accepted applicants can attend a ceremony within seven months of approval.

The processing of 90% of applications for citizenship by descent in Australia in less than five months.

90% of applications for Proof of Australian Citizenship in less than 22 days.

Applications for which one of the following occurred during the reporting month are included in the processing times provided for the citizenship by conferral process.

  • A decision made or
  • People listed in the application were granted Australian citizenship by conferral after a citizenship ceremony and swearing allegiance.

These percentile values mean to serve as a general guide.

The following is an interpretation of percentile reports:

  • The timeframe was less than the amount given for 24 out of every 100 applications, or the 25th percentile.
  • The period was smaller than the indicated amount for 49 out of every 100 applications, or the 50th percentile.
  • The timeframe was less than the amount given for 74 out of every 100 applications, or the 75th percentile.
  • The 90th percentile – for 89 out of every 100 applications, the timeframe was less than the amount indicated.

If processing your application is completed within the advertised processing dates, there is no additional information the Department can offer. 

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Factors that Influence Processing Times

We consider each application individually, and actual Australian citizenship processing time  may differ because of unique factors like:

  • Whether your application is thorough and contains the necessary supplementary information
  • How quickly do you respond to any requests for more details?
  • How long does the required checks on the posted further information take?
  • How long does it take to get new information from other sources, especially on criteria for national security, character, and health
  • How many spots are available in the migration programme?
  • The time required to attend a citizenship ceremony or obtain a citizenship certificate for Australian citizenship applications

Look At The Processing Times

You can examine the most recent processing times on the Department’s website for particular visa subclasses or citizenship kinds. You must know the required Australian citizenship processing time after the test for your citizenship or visa, as they are subject to change.

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Australian citizenship is optional to live permanently in Australia. A permanent resident’s rights are substantially equivalent to those of an Australian citizen. However, there are some situations where citizens are granted rights that permanent residents are not.

Australian citizenship processing time after the test is 12 months, which means After passing the citizenship test, you will be invited to attend an Australian citizenship ceremony within 12 months. A migration agent in Adelaide will help you to know more about Australian visas and citizenship.

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