Australian Working Holiday Visas – A list of FAQs

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Australian Working Holiday Visas – A list of FAQs

A recent survey by a leading travel journal shows that the minimum amount that is required to travel through Australia for a month is $810 AUD. While some people may be able to afford it easily, for the students or the travellers, this may not be a very affordable affair.

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This is where the Australian Working Holiday Visa may be of great help to you.

What is the Australian Working Holiday Visa and what are the facilities that you may enjoy with it?

Well, the Australian Working Holiday visa is a special type of visa that allows the holder to work in the Australian territory while they are living there. The idea of the immigration department behind offering this visa is to maximize the exposure of the cultural values and the varied knowledge and skills that Australia has to offer to a wider number of people.

In fact, this visa has indeed been very helpful in the cultural exchange between the Australian and the other eligible countries. However, there are certain clauses and limitations that are applicable to this visa and one needs to be aware of them before they apply or it.

The common FAQs related to the Australian Working Holiday Visa

Are you curious of the various nitty-gritties that are related to the Australian Working Holiday Visa? Then go through this list of FAQs

1. Are there different types of Working Holiday Visa?

Yes, there are two different types of Working Holiday Visa that are offered by the Australian Government and this depends upon the country in which you are residing. These are:

The lists of eligible countries under each of these visas are updated from time to time by the Department of Home Affairs and it is advisable that you go through their list, just before you apply for it.

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2. What are the types of work that are permitted on a Working Holiday Visa?

If you are wondering which are the sectors or specific works that you would be able to take up with your Australian Working Holiday Visa, then be rest assured as you have the full liberty to do all sorts of work including full-time, part-time, casual, shift as well as voluntary work for a period of 12 months. However, you will be allowed to work under a single employer for a period of 6 months only.

If you are planning to study or enrol yourself in any type of course, then the maximum period that is allowed under this visa is 4 months. However you need to demonstrate that you would be able to support and sustain yourself for this period while on a working holiday.

3. Can you leave or re-enter the Australian territory during the term of the visa?

Well yes, the Working Holiday Australian Visa gives you the liberty to leave and re-enter the Australian territory for a number of times. However, the specifics of this number of times that you may leave and re-enter keeps on changing and it is advisable that you go through the official immigration website at the time of availing this facility.

4. Is There Any Kind of Age Limit for The Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Yes, there indeed is an age limit for the people, who may avail of the Australia Holiday Working Visa. Citizens of the eligible nations who are between 18- 30 years of age can only avail this type of visa. (Special relaxation is given to the people who are holders of French, Irish or the Canadian passport and they may opt for it till 35 years of age)

However, if you are not yet 31 you may still apply for it and enjoy the benefits till your 31st year. What needs to be remembered here is that even for the people who fall under this age group, will be considered ineligible if they have a dependent child with them.

5. What is the term of validity for the Australian Working Holiday Visa?

The term of validity of both the subclasses of the Australian Working Holiday Visa is the same. That is the holder of any of these sub classes of visa can travel and work freely in the Australian territory for a period of twelve months counted from the date of entry into the Australian territory.

However, it is important to remember that their provision of special relaxation and extension of the term of visa is available to the people who have completed at least three months of some specified work in certain rural areas within the Australian territory.

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6. Where can you apply for your Australian Working Holiday Visa?

If you were thinking that the answer to this question is easy as you will need to apply for it in Australia itself, then you are wrong. The Australian Working Holiday Visa must be applied for in any of the other countries overseas but cannot be granted from Australia.

So, as long as you are holding the passport of any of the following countries- UK, Canada, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Canada, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Malta, or France- you can put in your application from any country around the world.

Again it has been specified by the government that those who belong to Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan or Japan must be residing in the country from where their passports have been issued and send in their application for the Australian Working Holiday Visa from there.

Again those who belong to the republic of Cyprus cannot apply for the e-working holiday visa and they must do so to the office of the Resident Australian Government that is available in their own country.

Know from the best

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