List Of Top 10 Major Issues That Occurs While Applying For Student Visa 500

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List Of Top 10 Major Issues That Occurs While Applying For Student Visa 500

Studying in Australia with the Student Visa Subclass 500 is a really worthwhile decision. After all, you are getting to study your dream course that too from your favorite college/university. Again, obtaining a student visa is a bit tricky task. There are several criteria which you are required to meet for acquiring your student visa successfully. Aside this, there are some unwanted issues which the student has to encounter concerning his/her student visa. A checklist of ten such issues have been outlined below.

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1. Inadequate or Improper Documents

This is seriously a major issue which the student faces at times. The Australian immigration department in no accepts insufficient or incorrect documents. So, you must prepare well beforehand. Even if a single document is missing the application of your Student Visa 500 can go haywire. Your CoE, birth certificate, national ID card and a resume issued by the local authorities are some of these documents.

2. Failure to Meet The English Language Test

As part of the student visa application, the student has to qualify in a particular English language test successfully. IELTS and PTE are appropriate instances of such English language tests. At times, the student fails to obtain the desired score. So, make sure that you are thoroughly prepared before appearing for the English language test. In case, you are eligible for an exemption, you won’t have to sit for this test.

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3. Allowance of Family Members

You can bring your family members with the student visa subclass 500. To do that you must show provision of sufficient funds to the Department of Home Affairs. The DoHA will ascertain the compliance of this requirement first. It is only after that when they will let you include your family members in your visa application.

4. Inability to Meet Academic Requirements

To apply for the student visa 500, you must meet the necessary academic requirements unfailingly as well. If you want to study an English language course, then you must qualify in the relevant English language test. An undergraduate aspirant should hold a qualification which equals to the Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. A post-graduate aspirant should have completed a valid undergraduate program. Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in the abrupt refusal of your student visa.

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5. Lack of Funds

As an applicant, you must also prove the possession of sufficient funds to the DoHA. This is to ensure that you will be able to afford all your academic and living costs effectively. The student needs to prove a yearly fund of at least AUD20, 000. The fact is many students fail to meet this criterion and end up facing the refusal of their visa application.

6. Absence of Welfare Arrangement or OSHC

If you skim through the Student Visa 500 Checklist you will definitely come across these two requirements. When staying in Australia you should hold the Overseas Student Health Cover. You must obtain this document from a valid insurance provider. Besides, if you are under 18 years, then you must have made sufficient welfare arrangements. This has to be approved by your education provider. Inability to meet any of these requirements again adds on to the risk of your sudden visa rejection.

7. Ascertainment of Work Permission

The student visa Subclass 500 allows you to work in the country. So, do check painstakingly all through the visa checklist to ensure the inclusion of this privilege. Of course, you can work with this visa but for a certain period of time. According to this, you can work 20 hours per week during your entire stay in Australia. Violating this rule may incur you with an unwanted penalty.

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8. Fiasco in the GTE Criterion

One of the most crucial Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions is meeting the GTE test. According to this, the student must submit a statement of Genuine Temporary Entrant to the Department of Home Affairs. This way the student can prove that he/she has to Australia temporarily for studying unlike attaining a permanent residency there. Some students are unable to meet this requirement, so they ultimately face their 500 Visa‘s rejection.

9. Your Stay Duration

Many students face some unprecedented resentful situations for staying unaware of this fact. The duration of your stay with your student Visa 500 is worth considering. In general, with this visa you can stay in Australia as long as five years. Conversely, you are allowed to leave Australia as soon as your course finishes. You can stay for a short time also if your course is of a short duration. This period generally varies between a time-frame of two to four months.

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10. A Look at Your Former Non-Conformity

Have you ever tried to access a country before with an ulterior motive to simply pass your time there? If your reply is yes, then you might to face dire consequences as a result of that. This is because these non-conformity will be borne by your credentials while you apply for your visa. The officials of the DoHA are efficient at identifying these felonies quite easily. That is the moment when they will reject your visa without thinking twice.

Final thoughts!
To avoid facing such bitter incidents, seeking high-quality immigration assistance is a must. In this regard, hiring a top-notch Migration Agent Adelaide must be your choice. An Immigration Agent will make the best of his/her endeavors to ensure a satisfying visa application for you.

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