The List Of Courses Which Provides A Path To Get PR In Australia 2020?

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The List Of Courses Which Provides A Path To Get PR In Australia 2020?

Australia enjoys some of the best academic standards all over the globe. Although, the smallest of all the continents, Australia is the only nation that offers academic and vocational programs to its international students in every possible sector. After completing their chosen academic programs, many of the international students of Australia wish to stay back in the country so as to live and work there as a permanent resident.

However, not all the courses can ensure a permanent residency for you in Australia. On the contrary, there are only a few types of courses, which can certainly pave your way to get a permanent residency in Australia. So, given below is a comprehensive list of some of these courses, and, you can also get yourself enrolled for any of them via the Student Visa 500, to obtain a PR in Australia in a hassle-free manner.

Painting And Decoration Courses

The sector of painting and decoration in Australia is one of the most promising, and, you can certainly complete a course on it. After, you have completed that, you will be able to attain a prospective career in Australia by working in a responsible post, relevant to the painting and decoration industry of the country. Not only this, but you will also be able to get a single PR in Australia after finishing any of the painting and decoration courses in a successful manner. For, currently, the construction industry of Australia has witnessed an increase of 10.9%, and, the need for painting and decoration professionals is also increasing at a rapid pace, hence, increasing your probability to stay in the nation as a permanent resident.

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Plumbing Courses

Applicants, who want to make a promising career in the plumbing industry of Australia, can get enrolled for either of the plumbing courses i.e. certificate III or IV in plumbing. Since the plumbing industry of Australia has seen growth by 11.2%, it has been expected that the demand for plumbing specialists will increase to a favorable level by the end of 2020, opening the pathway for millions of relevant workers to gain a permanent residency in Australia.

Courses Of Cookery, Patisserie And Hospitality

If you are passionate about eating and cooking, and, want to undertake a compatible job whilst staying in Australia as a permanent resident, then, applying for any of the cookery and hospitality courses of Australia with the Student visa subclass 500 must be your ultimate choice. After completing any of these courses, rest assured that you will get the scope to work in a responsible position in either the hospitality, patisserie, or cookery industry of Australia. As a matter of fact, all these three industries of Australia are the most sought-after all over the globe right now. Hence, working in any of these sectors will not only ensure a lucrative career for you ahead but, will also allow you to stay in Australia as a permanent resident.

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Beneficial Building And Construction Courses

Do you want to stay and work in Australia permanently as a building inspector, bricklayer, or that of a carpenter? Well, if your reply is yes, then, apply for any of the top building and construction courses from Australia as soon as possible. As soon as you complete any of these courses from Australia, be certain to become eligible for a number of suitable job opportunities. Working for any of these job roles also requires you to stay in Australia for a prolonged period of time. This way, you can quite easily obtain a permanent residency in Australia, with an added advantage of establishing a lucrative career over there.

The Most Sought-After Automotive Courses

Overseas learners, who wish to work in the automotive industry of Australia as a permanent resident, can apply for any of the automotive courses offered by the nation. According to the latest statistics, the Australian automotive sector is likely to face the growth of 3.46% shortly in terms of job prospects. This means that if you also apply for any of the automotive courses from Australia, you will be able to work for suitable job roles like automotive electrician, motor mechanic, diesel motor mechanic, and many more. And, working as any of these professionals means that you will have to stay in Australia permanently, hence, being able to obtain a permanent residency from the country in a hassle-free manner.

Computer And Information Technology

With the booming advancement in technology, Australia is also offering its international students some of the most advantageous IT-based courses, which will certainly pave your pathway to get an Australian PR effortlessly. The industry of Information and Communication Technology in Australia is booming with a lot of suitable job opportunities upon the completion of any of the relevant courses from there. ICT business analyst, analyst programmer, computer network, and systems engineer to name just a few. So, apply for a comprehensive ICT course from Australia with the student visa subclass 500 today and, work for any of the aforesaid job descriptions in the country as a permanent resident.

Teaching And Education Courses

As a matter of fact, Australia is one of those countries which enjoys the best standards of education all over the world. If you also want to work as a teaching professional in Australia in order to achieve a permanent residency in the country, then, do apply for any of its best teaching and education courses immediately. Successful completion of any of these courses will allow you to stay and work in Australia permanently as either a primary or secondary school teacher, special needs teacher, or that of a university lecturer. Not only this, but you can also work as a teacher of English to train non-native speakers of Australia, which also increases your possibility to get a permanent residency in over there.

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So, given above were some of the most sought-after courses which certainly widen your scope to get a permanent residency in Australia. And, if you also wish to apply for any of them with the subclass 500, then, appoint a proficient Migration Agent Adelaide at ISA Migrations to avail their unmatched services.

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