How to Apply for An Online Australian Visa: Know Requirements

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How to Apply for An Online Australian Visa: Know Requirements

Australia is a spectacular nation, full of mesmerizing places to explore and, amicable people to associate with. Whether it’s your intentional plan to fly all the way to Australia or it has happened by chance, coming to this mind-boggling nation is definitely a boon in itself. In this context, it is also worth mentioning that, applying for an Australian visa is now not a hassle anymore.

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Gone are the days, when people had to apply for an Australian visa through the VFS Global, and, wait for their visa arrival, for days, even at times for months. Now, you can easily apply for an Australian visa online. Again, doing the same can be a bit tricky, if you don’t have the proper knowledge about it. So, given below are the top ways of how to apply for an Australian visa effectively and, what are the different requirements related to it.

1. Comply With All Your Visa Requirements

This is perhaps the first and foremost step to ensure a smooth and, hassle-free procedure for your Australian visa. If you also want to apply for an Australian visa successfully, you are required to meet the following requirements prior to doing that.

  • Documents of your previous trip if any.
  • A softcopy of your passport-sized photograph.
  • Proper documents of your employment in your previous company, including your evidence of leaves, certificate employment, etc.
  • Documents that substantiate the financial solvency and sufficient monetary funds of the applicant including his or her personal banking statements, payslips, and retirement pension book, etc.
  • In case, you are a business professional, then, do submit your financial sheets, as well as your business registration documents.
  • A scanned copy of your passport’s page which contains all your necessary details inside it.
  • A valid letter of invitation if you have applied for a family-sponsored visa stream.
  • Documents that prove that your sponsor will provide you a financial backup during your entire stay in Australia.
  • Evidence which proves your sponsor’s original identity and
  • A proper application form relevant to your chosen Australian visa stream.

When you feel that you are handy with all of these documents, your next step would be to get started with the online application procedure of your Australian visa.

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2. Fill Out The Application Form Properly

So, now that you are ready with all of these documents mentioned above, it’s time for you to fill out the application form of your Australian Visa online. However, before getting started with this procedure, you need to get yourself registered with the official site of the immigration department of Australia. After the registration part is complete, you will receive a confirmation mail in your personal email Id. Subsequently, you need to click on the ‘New Application’ option, followed by specifying the type of visa for which you want to apply, whether business visa, visitor visa or tourist. After choosing the relevant form number, start filling out each of the necessary sections properly and, also try to commit the least of mistakes.

However, in any case, if you make a couple of mistakes, then, keep them saved and rectify each of them accordingly later on. There will be chiefly twenty pages of the application form of your Australian visa, but, it may also vary to some extent, depending on the type of visa. Also, before submitting your application form to the Department of Home Affairs, make sure that it’s completely error-free and none of the sections has been left, or else it might get cancelled or rejected.

3. It’s Time To Submit Your Documents

Filling out the application form of your Australian visa, and, submitting it to your immigration department is not enough. Prior to doing that, you also need to check out the ‘documents submission’ section properly, and, attach the softcopies of all the aforesaid credentials along with the application of your Australian visa.

Once you reach that particular section, it’s time for you to upload each of these documents one after the other. However, you also need to remember that the kinds of documents of your Australian visa will not be the same every time. Hence, upload only those documents which are relevant according to the type of visa, which you have chosen, and, nothing else apart from that.

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4. Wait For Your Approval

As soon as your immigration department ascertains your Australian visa application as valid and error-free, they will send you an email of acknowledgment receipt regarding the same to your personal email Id. Once you receive this email of acknowledgment receipt from the DoHA, you will now have to wait until the arrival of the final decision, which, will prove that whether the application of your Australian visa has been approved or rejected.

5. Finally, Make The Payment of Your Visa Application

If the application of your Australian visa gets cancelled or rejected, then, there is no point in paying the relevant fees for it. On the contrary, if the Department of Home Affairs approves the application of your Australian visa, then, without a failure you will have to pay its desired fees. There are many options through which you can make the payment of your online Australian visa. Two of the most feasible options amongst these are paying the fees with your debit card or credit card.

Remember, that an additional charge will also apply apart from the main amount of your visa fees while paying that through either of these options. Besides, you can also pay the fees of your Australian visa via PayPal if you are not comfortable paying that with either a debit or credit card.

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