Options for Overseas Students after Graduation in Australia

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Options for Overseas Students after Graduation in Australia

Many students go to Australia to study with a student visa subclass 500. Once the enrolled course comes to completion and the student visa 500 approaches towards expiry, most of the students still want to continue living in Australia. This is because, the students who arrive in Australia for studies, wants to explore more about Australian culture, lifestyle, work experience, and many other things after their graduation.

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The wish to extend the stay in Australia can be observed in almost the majority of the cases. If the international students want to continue staying in Australia after they graduate to take up another study course or experience the work culture in Australia, they can do so by taking up a post-study work or gaining a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 in Australia. With visa 485, the graduate students can utilize their knowledge of working in Australia.

It is very important to observe that if your current visa allows you to stay further in Australia for work or study or not. If your visa comes with a no further stay condition, you cannot extend your stay in Australia with that visa.

In case you are an international student in Australia having completed your studies in Australia recently or about to complete a graduation course and wondering for the next options and want to stay further in Australia, you need to go through the following points to look for the available options.

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Enrolment To a Further or High-Level Study Course:

After completion of a graduation course from a CRICIS registered institute, many international students want to take up a higher-level degree in Australia and acquire advanced skills and knowledge from the same. If you are willing to study further in Australia, you must check the following:

  • Before the expiry of your current visa, apply for a new student visa Australia.
  • Make an application to the study course you want to pursue.
  • Ensure that you have enough funds to support your stay and study in Australia.
  • Apply for an extension of OSHC.

Want to Stay Longer in Australia and Not Study:

If you want to extend your stay in Australia without having any plans to study in Australia further, you can either apply for a temporary work visa or visitor visa subclass 600. In such a case where you are not planning to study further, you cannot be granted a student visa in Australia. You can consider reliable assistance from an expert Immigration Agent Adelaide for the same. There are following few options, which you can consider with your extended stay in Australia:

  • You can extend your stay in Australia with a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 if you want to train yourself and improve your English or gain experience in work. With a subclass 485 visa, you can live in Australia for as long as 18 months. If you are one of those international students who want to attain permanent residency in Australia, you can avail of the option of visa subclass 485 with the assistance of a migration agent Adelaide.
  • With the Employer Nomination scheme subclass 186 visa, you can continue to work for your current employer in Australia if the employer is ready to sponsor you on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • If you are the one from the field of engineering, accounting, or a computer science graduation course, you can find yourself eligible to apply for a Professional Year Program and grab a professional work experience in Australia while you can learn the skills of the workplace and enhance your employability opportunities. This Professional Year Program can be a great source of letting to get approval on the Australian permanent residency. Get assisted by an experienced Migration Agent Adelaide to know more about the same.
  • Soon after completing graduation, many international students may want to enjoy a break and explore the dynamic beauty of Australia. To extend a stay in Australia by three, six, or a maximum of twelve months, tourist visa 600 can be applied by the students to explore more about Australia and its culture. While if you want to raise funds to support your living in Australia, you can apply for a work and holiday visa that allows you to work in Australia and earn a maximum of 12 months while you enjoy your holidays.
  • Even if you want to extend your stay in Australia to attend your Australian graduation ceremony, you must consider applying for a tourist visa subclass 600 to remain in Australia and enjoy traveling around Australia. While you can also return home after your graduation, as many institutions hold graduation ceremonies overseas. This can be your chance to attend your graduation ceremony closer to your home after having completed your studies in Australia.

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Applying For A Permanent Residency:

It is quite natural that after completion of your graduation, you might want to settle in Australia and experience the work culture and lifestyle for a longer period. This can be done by applying for an employer nomination scheme or a regionally sponsored migration scheme visa. The SkillSelect Migration Program can also be one of the options to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency.

The ISA Migrations and Education Consultants can assist you in the best manner after assessing your circumstances to continue living in Australia after the completion of your graduation. You must feel free to share your concern and acquire the best guidance to remain in Australia for an extended period by an expert Education Consultant Perth.

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