How To Apply For Western Australian State Nomination Program?

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How To Apply For Western Australian State Nomination Program?

The State Government of Western Australia nominates eligible migrants for the Regional (Provisional) Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Nominated Visas. On behalf of the government, the nomination process is carried out by the WA Migration Services. Generally, migrants nominated by WA Migration Services receive an automatic invitation to apply for the visa they want.

Currently, the state nomination is being offered for the Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491 and the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. The 491 Visa is a temporary visa, while the 190 Visa is a permanent residence one. The next section provides a step-by-step procedure to obtain the state.

Skilled Nomination Program

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The Following Is The Procedure For Obtaining State Nomination

The process for the Western Australia state nomination includes the following steps.

Step 1: Submit an EOI

The process of state nomination Australia is more or less the same for all the states and territories. In the first step, you have to submit an Expression of Interest or EOI in the SkillSelect database of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Your EOI must satisfy the following conditions.

  • It should indicate that you are applying for a nomination from Western Australia or any other Australian territory or state.
  • It should mention that you are currently staying in Australia.
  • Australian skilled work visas are points-based visas, for which you will need to score a minimum of 65 points in the points test of the Department of Home Affairs. It also includes points related to state nomination that are automatically included in the EOI. If you apply for the 190 Visa, you will get 5 points. Whereas, for the 491 Visa, 15 points will be awarded.
  • For your nominated occupation, you should undertake a proper skills assessment. There are different skills assessing authorities for different occupations listed on the skilled occupations list of the Australian Government. A positive assessment is necessary for a successful application.
  • If you apply for the General Stream of the state nomination, your nominated occupation should be present on the Western Australia Skilled Occupation List Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 (WA SOL). However, if you intend to apply for the Graduate Stream, the occupation should be included in the Graduate Occupation List (GOL).
  • If you apply through the Graduate Stream, details about your study in Western Australia should be mentioned in the EOI. These details include the address and postcode of the Western Australian education institution from where you have earned your qualification. Make sure you have included your highest level Western Australian qualification in the Expression of Interest.
  • Australia is an English-speaking country and so, having sufficient English language skills is necessary.

If your occupation falls under the ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 1 (Managers) or ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 2 (Professionals), you must be proficient in English. An overall 7 band score in the IELTS will help you meet this requirement. Otherwise, having a competent level of English will do.

Note: These two conditions apply to both the Graduate Stream and General Stream Schedules (1 and 2).

However, if you hold a passport from an English-speaking country like the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand, you will be exempt from this condition.

  • Your age should also be mentioned in the EOI. Usually, you have to be under 45 years of age to be eligible to receive the invitation to apply.
  • If you apply for the General Stream WASMOL Schedule 1, see if you can claim points for it. For this requirement, you will also need to provide evidence for work experience.
  • Also, if you apply for the Graduate stream, you must mention that you have worked with an Australian employer for six months in your EOI. Even if you are not able to claim points for it, you have to include this information.

Step 2: WA Migration Services reviews EOIs

In the next step, WA Migration Services reviews the EOIs, and after review, the authority invites the eligible applicants to apply for a specific stream based on the ranking system. For further information on the ranking, visit the invitation rounds page. You will receive your invitation through an email that will include a link that will directly take you to the website of the state nomination application.

To get the approval, your application has to satisfy the state nomination requirements. Remember that in addition to general requirements, you will also need to meet the stream-specific requirements. For example, if you want to apply for the Graduate Stream, you will be required to have a 2-year study experience, which is not a criterion for General Stream.

To show that you satisfy all the state nomination criteria, you have to provide the necessary documents. Make sure you have submitted all the documents and the copies are of high quality. After the application, the authority may ask you for further information if required.

The application fee for the state nomination Australia in 2021 is $200 that you need to pay to complete the procedure.

As an applicant, you must check if all the information you include in your EOI is correct. If you receive the invitation for application and later it is found that the EOI information is false, your nomination will be declined by the state authority.

If some of your points get reduced after amendments to the EOI, you should provide evidence to substantiate the points you have claimed in your EOI. Therefore, you must check the correctness of the information entered in the EOI.

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Step 3: WA Migration Services nominates you

If the application is successful, you will be nominated by WA Migration Services and receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to start with the application procedure.

All successful applicants have to meet the following requirements.

  • If they are moving to WA from another Australian state, they must remain compliant with border rules applicable at that time.
  • Once arrived, their arrival should be registered with WA Migration Services.
  • After arrival, they must stay and work in Western Australia for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Every six months in that 2-year duration, a settlement survey needs to be completed.

Note that proper licensing and registration are required for specific occupations if you want to work in those occupations. Having a positive skills assessment and getting a state nomination may not be enough to meet the licensing authority requirements. So, before you apply, make sure you have checked specific requirements for the nominated occupation.

For settlement information, skilled migrants can check the website of WA Migration Services. Details on the site include information on employment, childcare, and education, emergency services, finding accommodation, health centers and hospitals, sport and recreation, and public transport. For necessary assistance, you may consult a professional immigration consultant Perth.

Get help from a registered migration agent

One of the beneficial features of the Australian visa application system is that you can take help from a registered migration agent Perth. Migration agents in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. They are qualified enough to lodge a successful application.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the state government’s decision, you can apply for a review with their help. However, before you select an immigration agent Perth, check if they have the proper registration, and then make the final choice.

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