Before Lodging Visitor Visa Australia – Check Eligibility, Financial requirement, Document Checklist

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Before Lodging Visitor Visa Australia – Check Eligibility, Financial requirement, Document Checklist

Australia has emerged to be one the most favourite destinations for the international visitors, for its serene landscape and beautiful cities. It will indeed be a fantastic plan to make a trip there. The only thing you will need a visitor visa Australia. Here, your option should be visitor visa subclass 600. This is a multi-purpose visa with which you can visit Australia as a tourist, for business purposes or to visit family or friends.

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Australian Visitor Visa 600 Eligibility

Here we discuss the eligibility criteria of visa 600. Following is the 600 visa checklist.

  • Health requirements: You should not have any severe illness or other medical issues as those can cause harm to Australian public life. You will have to go through several health examinations too.
  • Character requirements: You must be of good character to be eligible. You will also need to produce certificate clearances issued by different government bodies.
  • Enough fund: You should have possession of considerable fund to bear different costs during your stay.
  • Genuine visitor criteria: You should stay in Australia for a temporary period and only do those things that are specified on the visa.
  • Best interests of child: You will not get this visa if it does not satisfy the interests of a juvenile applicant.

Visitor Visa 600 processing time varies according to the types of visa. For tourism or family purposes, the processing time for 75% of applicants varies from 5 to 7 months, and that for 90%, is from 10 to 12 months. But, for a business visa, 75% of applications get processed within 4 days and 90% within 9 days.

Visitor visa 600 cost also vary according to the types. For tourism, it will cost around AUD 365, while that for meeting family member or business engagements will be around AUD 145.

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Financial Requirements For Visitor Visa Australia

This is particularly important for subclass 600 visa. The main reason is that, as these visas are short-term visas, you cannot work in Australia, which might have helped you cover all the costs. So, you need to prove that you will be able to bear all your costs during the stay.
Following is the tourist visa checklist that you will require at the time of application:

  1. Copies of bank account statements (including both of business and personal) are required. There should be consistent transaction history recorded over a certain period.
  2. You should have held any other asset in your home country, and you need to submit proof of that.
  3. As an earning citizen, you are bound to pay tax. Accordingly, you need to submit to taxation history of past three years.
  4. Are you are visiting any family member or friend staying in Australia and will he or she bear all your expenses? Then, you must show a proof of that too. The supporting documents will include invitation letter, his or her financial capacity, bank account statements and also taxation history.
  5. Well, you will still need to give proof of your own financial ability, even if any other person bears costs of yours. The former one will be required to see if you can be able to return to your home country.

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Documents Required For Australian Tourist Visa

A. Identity documents: Very naturally, passport will be your primary identity document as a foreign individual. You have to submit the important pages of your passport, like those which show bio-data, date of issue, expiry dates, etc.
You will also need at least one of your national identity cards. Did you change your name at any point of time? Then, you must show legal documents related to it. Legal documents may be affidavit, marriage or divorce certificates.
B. Genuine visitor documents: As we had already discussed in eligibility section that, you must obey all the visa requirements during your stay. You should confirm that you will stay here only for a limited period. Here also, the proof will be your financial ability to carry all the necessary expenses.
If you are coming to live with your beloved ones, then you have to send a letter to the department where you should mention how you are related to that person, how long and for what you will stay, whether that person will bear all your necessary expenses or not.
Finally, you should state genuine reasons to return to your native country. Supporting documents may be a letter from your current employer that states that you are joining the job after a gap of certain period, a letter that you’re still studying at any institute in your home country, and documents that you have family members there or documents related to ownership of a house or any other assets in your home country.
C. Employment details: There are different employment details that you will require for the application, based on your job position. If you’re employed, your employer must give a letter where following documents should be included: your job position, for how long you have been employed, your salary, confirmation of your leave of absence and also the personal and contact details of the person who is issuing the letter on behalf of your employer.
– Are you self-employed? Then, you should submit your registration number of your business or entrepreneurship.
If you’re a retired person, you need to submit your farewell letter issued by your employer as the valid proof.
And if you’re still studying, you should submit university letter as the supportive document.
D. Character requirements: Did you ever serve in Army? Then, you must submit relevant discharge certificate.
E. Additional documents (for parents): Are you a parent or step-parent of someone who lives in Australia or a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident? Then you will have the option to apply for the visa for a longer stay period. You have to state it in a letter, nice and clear. In reply, the authority may ask you if you have the necessary health insurance cover.
One crucial point to keep in mind is that, if those documents are not in English, then they should be translated to English. If you get it translated by any translator in Australia, make sure that he is accredited by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

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Additional Things To Consider While Lodging Visitor Visa Australia Application:

Here are some additional points that should be kept in mind at the time of application. If you are a citizen of People’s Republic of China, then the following conditions apply.

  1. You can visit Australia with an organized group on Approved Destination Status Stream, on condition that you remain with that group during the whole tour. But SARS is excluded
  2. You can also get a Frequent Traveller Stream, with which you can stay in Australia for 10 years. SARS is excluded here, too.

If you have any queries regarding the process of application or necessary documents, you can contact Immigration Agent Perth at ISA Migrations, who have a good number of expert migrant agents. They can guide you in a proper way.

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