How a Student Visa 500 Holder Can Overcome The Language Barrier?

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How a Student Visa 500 Holder Can Overcome The Language Barrier?

Studying in Australia with the Student Visa Subclass 500 is one of the most gratifying experiences for an overseas learner. However, doing studying in a nation like Australia comes with its own challenges and hurdles. One of the biggest challenges is the language barrier which mainly arises if you’re not a fluent speaker of Australian English. So, if you wish to become a fluent English speaker while studying in Australia there are certain factors worth considering. A comprehensive checklist of each of these factors as outlined below.

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1. Learn From Your Errors

It may happen that you’ve come to Australia with the Student Visa 500 without having proper command in speaking proper English. Initially, you might commit mistakes while speaking English with other native students. Don’t get daunted for committing errors as you should focus on letting the conversation go forward. Converse regularly with your classmates, neighbors, shopkeepers, professors and with anyone you can. Tell them to rectify your mistakes whenever they identify some to attain optimal results.

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2. Taking your first step

One of the essential criteria of the Student Visa 500 Checklist is to qualify in the English language test. So, it is you who has to pluck up the courage to communicate in English with native speakers. Your classmates are undoubtedly the people whom you are most comfortable in communicating in English. Conversely, it is better to come out of your comfort zone for ameliorating your English language skills. Say, for instance, you can take part in the activities of your community or join various clubs on the campus.

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3. Research, Research and More Research!

Qualifying in IELTS with flying colours doesn’t always necessarily imply that you’ve become impeccably fluent in Australian English. Aside, there are several things you must learn about to speak English exactly like the native Australians. Before you head towards Australia, make sure you’re aware of the crucial aspects of Australian English. Say, for instance, the Australian slang, idiomatic expressions, and adages. You don’t need to dedicate a whole of time, do the online research for one to two hours which will be more than enough.

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4. Clarify your doubts and queries

You’re not a native speaker of Australian English, are you? So, it may happen you do not understand a particular statement, question or expression. In that case, do clarify that from anyone about you unhesitatingly. Instead of feigning you understood everything, it’s always better to get your doubts and confusions clarified. Rest assured the native speakers of Australia will find your endeavors commendable and will elucidate you everything of Australian English.

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5. Practice, Practice and Practice!

It’s not necessary to leave your native language group for learning Australian English. Instead of speaking with them in your native language, it’s better to communicate with them in English as much as possible. It will not only enhance your English communication skills but theirs too. Try to optimise the most prospective areas of English language improvement. These specifically include English TV programs, books, music and movies and any other resource material. Change your computer and phone settings to English from your native language. Besides, also try and avoid seeing websites in your country language and replace it with English.

6. Enrol in English Language Courses

You already know that one of the Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions is to prove Basic English language skills. Therefore, you must leave no stone unturned to improve your English language skills even after this. In this regard, you can enrol in English language partnership programs from a recognised institution. These institutions are excellent places to ramp up your spoken English while interacting with people about different cultures.

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