Living Cost in Poland

To live in Poland is highly affordable in comparison to other European nations.

  • In Poland, there is affordable prices of rent, food and entertainment.
  • The standard costs of living, groceries etc. are affordable.
  • The utilities cost is also cheap. The cost of internet is fairly reasonable in Poland.
  • Food in Poland is highly affordable in comparison to other nations like France or UK.

Poland has got an efficient system of transport and it is quite reasonable too. Living cost in Poland is cheap and this brings the students from other countries to Poland. To know more about cost of living in Poland, you may contact us anytime.

Study in Poland for Indian students

  • Poland is a nice country in Europe.
  • Poland has got a low cost of living. The cost of education is less in comparison to any other university in Europe.
  • Poland has seen a great economic development at a fast pace.
  • At least 400 Euros are quite ample to cover the basic accommodation costs and cost of food.
  • The costs for entertainment is also low in comparison to the European Union.

Poland attracts a great deal of students from all around the world. The salaries of Polish professionals have increased at a yearly rate of fifteen percent. In order to know more about prospect of Indian students studying in Poland, you may contact us.

Education system in Poland

  • The polish higher education system consists of professional higher studies that is from three to four years.
  • Graduates may get a professional degree in the field of agriculture, economics or engineering and that is the Polish equivalent of a bachelor's degree.
  • Graduates may get a professional degree of magister and that is the Polish equivalent of a master's degree.
  • There is a five-year master degree in psychology, law and medicine.
  • There are also doctoral level studies.

The education system in Poland is remarkable and it is one of the best in the entire Europe. To know more about the Polish education system, you may contact us.

Work permit in Poland

  • A pivotal aspect that you are required to be aware is that you cannot apply for a work permit on your own.
  • A work permit for Poland has to be requested by the employer.
  • You have to ensure that your employer did all the things correctly.
  • The work permits are issued at the time of the stay needed to do the work that is mentioned in the work permit.
  • The work permit provided for seasonal work cannot be more than six months.

There are many types of work permits for the foreigners. A foreigner works in Poland for an employer whose registered office is located in Poland or he or she stays in Poland for six to 12 months. For more information, contact us anytime.

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