Study in Poland a Land of Great Opportunities for All Nationalities

Poland is a marvelous nation that has Europe. Poland is located at the great crossroads of culture in Western and Eastern center of the Northern European plain. Poland nowadays has got a pivotal position in entire Europe. It is a great member of the European Union.

Poland has a special place in the European Union. Poland has a broad geographical area and it occupies a central position in the whole of Europe. There has been a constant increase in the number of immigrants in this nation.

Why study in Poland?

  • Polish university education system has got a history of at least 650 years of providing education to the professionals from around the world.
  • The polish universities have got great traditions of the past.
  • The University of Warsaw is ranked first.
  • The specialists in Poland of all the professionals are liked by the recruiters all over the world.
  • Polish doctors, engineers, architects and IT specialists are renowned.
  • Some of the other Polish graduates are nicely prepared to finish a worldwide job market.
  • The system quality is assured by the State Accreditation committee.
  • This committee actively has control over the Polish higher education institutions.
  • At least eighty percent of the Polish universities have got great rankings and are excellent in every respect.
  • Poland is very much safe and secure in comparison to most of the European nations.

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Poland offers a low cost of living as compared to the other European nations. At least 200 to 500 Euros is a sufficient amount to cover the cost of accommodation, transport, and food. The expense of entertainment in the cultural events is considerably lower in comparison to the European Union. The fundamental expense of studies is highly competitive. The average minimum rate is approximately 2000 to 5000 Euro a year.

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Education system in Poland

  • The Polish higher education system is divided into three phases - Bachelor, Master, and Doctor.
  • This system is applicable to all the fields of education except law, pharmacy, psychology, medicine and Dentistry.

Grant of degrees in Poland

  • The bachelor degree or BA can be procured after completing 3 to 5-year duration of vocational or technical college studies.
  • Bachelor degree or BSc can be procured after completing 3 to 4-year long college studies in technical sciences, agriculture, and economy.
  • Master degree or MA can be obtained after completion of 2 to 5 years of supplementary master's degree studies that can be taken by individuals who possess a college diploma.
  • Doctor or Ph.D. is a degree awarded to the ones who pass a doctoral examination.
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Requirements for Enrollment

  • The requirements rely on a particular university decision. This has to be verified on a website of the university of your liking.
  • It is important to fill an application form. You have to then enclose the transcript of the secondary school or college or university and this is the crucial aspect. Please contact us so that we can help you regarding filling up of the application form.
  • There are some universities that need recommendation letters and other documents that are listed on their websites.
  • The accreditation committee is in complete charge of controlling the educational standards in the Polish institutions of higher education. For more information, you may contact us as we will be eager to help you.
  • The institutes of higher education in Poland have made use of the ECTS or European Credit Transfer System. They are engaged in the international exchange of students based on various programs such as SOCRATES or Erasmus.

Cost of Living in Poland

  • Poland is considered to be an affordable place to study and live.
  • The prices rely on the city but a student has to have at least 300 Euros monthly. For a detailed overview of the cost of living in Poland, you may contact us.
  • The international students can work in Poland while pursuing their studies.
  • In case you are from the European Union can avail part time work all throughout the year without having to apply for a permit.
  • The students who are not from the European Union have to work during July, August, and September.
  • They can try to get a work permit for jobs that carry on all through the year.

Work after studies in Poland

  • It is quite common in Poland to pursue a postgraduate study.
  • There is at least eighty percent of students who opt to stay in order to do a Ph.D. or Masters.
  • There is some alternative to working in Poland after doing graduation.
  • The students need a Stay Card in order to study in Poland. This is provided to allow the graduates to live and work in Poland in order to find work.

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