Education System in Poland

Polish university education system has a long history of educating high profile professionals. The polish people have got a profit of not only Poland but for several nations all around the world. Poland provides scholarships to the students through the government.

  • Poland has got higher number of institutions that provide scholarships.
  • Their availability makes the situation in the nation exceptional.
  • The higher education system in Poland is divided into three phases - Bachelor, Master and Doctor.
  • This system is applicable to all the educational fields like Pharmacy, law, psychology, medicine and dentistry.
  • The bachelor's degree may be procured on finishing three to five-year long college studies in economy, agriculture and technical sciences.
  • Master's degree is granted on finishing of five to six years’ studies in the university.
  • Doktor's degree is given to those who pass the doctoral exam. In order to qualify for the academic degree of doctor, a person should have a master or equivalent degree.

The requirements depend on a particular university decision. There are some universities that need recommendation letters and other documents. Education in Poland is quite affordable.

Cost of living in Poland

  • Poland is quite affordable in comparison to other European nations.
  • In Poland, there are affordable prices of rent, food and entertainment. That is why people opt for Poland.
  • Cost of food in Poland is cheap. The price of meat is less in comparison to other countries in the European Union.
  • The transportation costs are affordable too.
  • The expense of eating and drinking is cheap also.

The cost of living in Poland is affordable for the students who wish to pursue higher education in Poland. To know more about the cost of living in Poland, you may contact us.

Study in Poland for international students

  • The cultural heritage of Poland is rich. It is the most famous study destination in the whole world.
  • Poland has over 46,000 international students opting to study there in the year 2014 or 2015.
  • Poland is the most desirable of the study destinations as it has low cost of living.
  • The fees of the university are quite affordable and foreign students may have the peace of mind regarding this aspect.
  • There are more than five hundred universities in Poland and they are in the private sector.

The University of Warsaw has got many events and legends which makes it very popular. Contact us to know more about study system in Poland for the international students.

Work in Poland

  • There is a shortage of skilled trade workers in Poland.
  • Various industries like sales, IT, hospitality and healthcare are those sectors that welcome the graduates who have got the appropriate talents.
  • The foreign workers have the highest chances of getting the employment.
  • At least forty-five percent of the employers are having issues to fill skilled roles in some industries.
  • There are a wide range of jobs accessible for the foreigners who take Poland as a work destination.

Most of the workforce in Poland is in the services sector. Some of the other industries are coal mining, chemicals, food processing and machine building. So there is no dearth of jobs in Poland. You may contact us to know about working in Poland.

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