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The way of finding a job in Poland is associated with the kind of work you are searching for. There is recruitment all the year around.

  • There are over four hundred local employment offices that provide the services for Polish and foreign job seekers.
  • You have to ensure that you choose a trustworthy office.
  • The best means of searching for a job is the world wide web and also the ads in the press.
  • Newspapers play a major role in finding a job on the labor market in Poland.

Every Polish university has got a career service that has an objective of assisting the students to get a job associated to their field of study and also training the students for the recruitment process and also the job market. You may contact us to know more about how to work abroad Poland.

Why study in Poland?

  • Poland is a nice nation with a rich education history which is diverse.
  • Studying in Poland will provide you a great quality European degree that is recognized throughout the world at an affordable cost.
  • In Poland, you will get high quality of teaching and also a chance to pursue your future career in the European Union.
  • Various Polish schools have active competition with each other and facilitate a broad range of high quality courses.

They offer attractive tuition fees in programs like MBBS, tourism, international business, engineering and a variety of other courses.

Cost of living in Poland

  • The cost of living in Poland is the most affordable in the European Union.
  • There is variable cost of accommodation in Poland.
  • Purchasing groceries and eating out is very much affordable in Poland in comparison to the other European cities.
  • The prices for Polish products is highly affordable.
  • Public transportation is less costly in Poland.
  • The air travels costs are also low in Poland.

Poland is relatively cheap as compared to other nations in the European Union. For more information regarding cost of living in Poland, you may contact us.

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