PM Scott Morrison Opens The Door For International Students in Australia

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PM Scott Morrison Opens The Door For International Students in Australia

Scott Morrison, the PM of Australia has announced that international students will be allowed to return to the country. Mr. Morrison proclaimed this news until recently, stating that overseas students can rearrive from the beginning of July 2020. This update from the Aussie PM came just after the federal government exempted the travel ban for international students optimally. To ease the whole process, ScoMo has unveiled a national three-stage plan for overseas learners to return to Australia.

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3 Prominent Highlights About The Three-Stage Plan

The following 3 highlights will give you a clear understanding of the three-stage framework resulting from the Covid-19 restrictions.

  • The three-stage framework is specifically meant for overseas Australian students willing to return to their individual learning institutions.
  • The Australian PM has also stated that the exemption demands fully-fledged compliance with the stringent quarantine restrictions.
  • The third stage of the plan will probably include ‘Issues of Overseas Students’.

Mr. Morrison also stated that the travel ban restrictions will possibly become applicable from early July this year.

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Australian Universities Face A Major Slump

Due to the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, many Australian universities have encountered massive financial losses. This has happened simply due to the abrupt declaration of the travel ban restrictions and campus shutdowns. Mr. Morrison is quite hopeful that the stated 3 stage plan will surely curb such slumps somewhat. Conversely, he also opines that the plan can be executed successfully only if strict quarantine restrictions are complied with. Given below are some crucial facts which finally resulted in the economic downfall of the various Australian universities out there.

  • At least 10% of international students are unable to return to Australia due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions.
  • This brought a striking slump in the revenue of $40 billion earned by the Australian universities from international students.
  • Most of the Australian universities were compelled to opt for a sudden shutdown indefinitely due to Covid-19. This led them to encounter a major downfall in their economic fabric as well.

In this context, the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission Chairman Nev Power emphasized the priority to revamp the Australian academia swiftly. Mr. Power has also propounded the concept of university-sponsored charter flights for international students.
This will help the international students to come back to the country at their ease.

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Importance On The Imposition of Preventive Measures

Mr. Morrison has told that the government wants to work with many institutions to execute the 3-day plan successfully. He has put utter stress on the formulation of strict quarantine restrictions for this. This will quite effectively bring back the international students without breaching the Covid-19 travel ban protocol in any way.

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Students Might Switch To Another Semester

Many of the international students have even become quite skeptical about the pursuit of their studies in Australia. This has led them to think to begin with their next semester which will begin in Australia shortly. Some medical guidelines for international students in Australia will possibly be framed to bring them back. This remains a cliff-hanger yet because the Australian health department hasn’t yet permitted the universities to do so. For more information and expert guidance on such matters contact Migration Agent Perth and Migration Agent Adelaide at ISA Migrations. Our expert will ensure to help you in every possible way.


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