South Australian Government Announces International Student Support Package

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South Australian Government Announces International Student Support Package

Students who are studying as overseas applicants in South Australia, and, are undergoing a financial crunch have certainly good news to come across. The government of South Australia has formulated an ‘International Student Support Package’ which has been designed to help international students to get over their financial crisis quite effectively. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the below-given write-up to get a clear understanding of the International Student Support Package.

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The Brief

Students, who are facing a financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, can apply for the ‘International Student Support Package’. The Department of Home Affairs in assistance with a lot of other organizations has formulated this particular privilege only for all those international students of South Australia, who can meet some of the requirements given below.

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FAQs Related to The Application

1. Who can apply?

International students who are pursuing their higher studies from any of the recognized colleges/universities of South Australia.

2. Can offshore learners apply?

Offshore learners who are studying any of the VET, i.e. Vocational Education and Training programs can also apply for the ‘International Student Package’.

3. What are the regions?

All the English language learners except for those who are studying any of the packaged courses from one of the three public universities of the South Australian region etc.

To be even more specific, this particular facility is being provided specifically to all those students who are working and studying in parts of South Australia, and, whose financial condition has been severely affected as a result of the Coronavirus crunch.

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Some Crucial Aspects Related to the International Student Support package

  • An Overview of The ISSP: Many of you out there must be thinking that who made the first initiative to formulate the facility of the International Student Support Package to aid the various international students of South Australia. Well, as the outbreak of COVID-19 has prevented millions of workers from all over the globe to attend their workplaces, the same is the case with student visa holders who are studying and working in South Australia. As a result, some of them are facing a severe financial crisis, both related to their studies as well as daily needs. Hence, the government of South Australia collaborated with three of its public universities, which, finally resulted in the creation of the International Student Support Package.
  • School Students are Also Eligible: The South Australian government has also included school students as a part of the facility of the International Student Support Package. According to this, each of the students’ family staying in South Australia will receive the aid of $200 (AUD), to provide the learner a proper place to stay and other needs to meet.
  • A Special Aid of $500: After a great deal of contemplation, the South Australian government has also decided to provide students a financial backup of $500, who are not studying in any of the three most prominent public universities of the region. However, these students will become eligible for the International Student Support Package, only if they have met all the relevant eligibility criteria and are studying a substantial course of study, anywhere in Adelaide.

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The three of the public universities which have helped the South Australian government, to follow up the plan of its International Student Support package include the University of South Australia, the Flinders University, and, the University of Adelaide.

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Easy To Apply

Well, applying for the International Student Package is quite easy and simple. In case, if the applicant feels that the need is urgent, but, he or she is unable to meet any of the criteria as of now, then getting in touch with the nearest provider is the best solution. Nevertheless, the applicant has to meet some of the basic eligibility criteria followed by their enrolment at any of the recognized organizations, providing the service of the International Student Support Package. After evaluating your application thoroughly, the concerned authority will revert you within the next two weeks, once the ISSP gets officially launched.

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Unemployed Candidates Can Also Apply

International students who are not earning by working anywhere in South Australia can also apply for the International Student Support Package. However, they will become eligible only if their needs are genuine and which have cropped as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

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