Australia Grants Application Of New Visa For Temporary Visa Holders – Corona Virus Outbreak

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Australia Grants Application Of New Visa For Temporary Visa Holders – Corona Virus Outbreak

The outbreak of Coronavirus has already precluded millions of people to access tens and hundreds of nations from paying a visit. Taking that factor into consideration, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has granted temporary visa holders to extend their stay period in Australia, in case their existing visa expires. Many Australian non-citizens are facing serious problems due to restrictions imposed by a number of countries including India as well. The fear of Covid-19 has left legions of nations all over the world dreaded, shelving the access of all the foreign visitors to any possible country.
Australia Grants Application Of New Visa For Temporary Visa Holders.

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The Department of Home Affairs of Australia has framed flexible measures for temporary visa visitors whose visas include a ‘No Further Stay’ option. In case any of their visas is on the verge of expiring and they are unable to travel back to their home country, they can then request for a waiver in order to extend the length of their visa for some time more. After an in-depth evaluation, the Department of Home Affairs has also said that most of their temporary visa holders include offshore students, workers as well as visitors who are staying in Australia on a holiday visa.

Some officials from the Department of Home Affairs have also said that, if the temporary visa holders want to request for a waiver, they will have to download a form from its official website and not through the IMMI account. Besides, non-citizens who want to extend their existent visa before it expires can also visit the official website DoHA and can apply for another visa from there. As a matter of fact, the outbreak of Coronavirus has left many countries in a lurch, and, has compelled them to face a variety of unprecedented difficulties for which they were not prepared at all.

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But, the application of the new visa has to be done before the present visa expires. Each of the visa applications will be assessed based upon the different circumstances and Coronavirus border restrictions of different applicants. Aside from this, applicants who are requiring urgent waiver requests for their imminent expired visas can access a few special privileges imposed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to apply for their waiver requests as fast as possible. However, if an applicant is unable to access the official site of the Department of Home Affairs, then, he/she can get in touch with a migration agent to do the same.

A few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proclaimed that India is closing its border to stop the access of foreign visitors from any other country out there. This has left a number of temporary visa visitors in Australia distraught about how to lengthen their stay period after their existing visa expires, some of whom are staying with their aged parents in Australia as well. It is also said that a lot of other temporary visa visitors in Australia will be compelled to stay back in Australia in case they are denied access to the Australian healthcare facilities to go for the Coronavirus test.

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