Evaluation on the Pathway Generated for the Permanent Residency of the International Students

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Evaluation on the Pathway Generated for the Permanent Residency of the International Students

Full-time job is the requirement of the International Students after graduation stream and the major criteria for the eligibility is having ‘Proficient English’. This has generated a new pathway of permanent residency by Western Australia for the students. Related to this, there is the release of Graduate Occupation List or GOL which provides availability of occupation for the international students who have studied for two years at the Western Australian University. This will provide a job for the duration of twelve months which includes the eligibility of ‘Proficient English’. This should be verified by the graduate stream of state government. For the Western Australian State Nomination, there is the availability of the new graduate stream and they are skilled nominated visa or skilled regional visa.

It is found that there is less possibility that all the international students have the accessibility to all occupation. Some of the students who have graduated from Masters and Ph.D. have a high percentage of accessing all the occupation than the students graduated from the Bachelor or Higher Degree. According to the announcement, it is not necessary to find the occupation from the provided Graduation Occupation List for state nomination. This is determined by the university qualification in Western Australia. There are some of the major requirements for the International Students in order to apply for the ‘Graduate Stream’. The application of the graduate stream must have two criteria, first is to have a proficiency level of English and second to have a passport from the selective countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Apart from this, there is a requirement of work experience for the students who have Masters and Ph.D. degree from Western Australian University. In addition to this, bachelor and other graduates will have to provide the proof or evidence of the experience of work. The necessary experience holds the duration either of at least one year Australian Work Experience or three year experience for the overseas work in the nominated occupation. All these work experience is counted over the last ten year. With the addition of the nominated occupation or closely related occupation, there should be a contract of employment for the applicants and this should be of at least 12 months of duration in Western Australia. When students apply for the visa such as Subclass 489, there is also a requirement of the contract of employment for the applied students who are at the regional area. The last thing required for the International Students is the demonstration of sufficient funds and this is the result of the number of migration of family members taking place. On an average, the minimum amount for the single person for migration is the AUD 20,000.

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