Northern Territory Government Offers $15000 Cash Benefit For Families Ready To Move To The State

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Northern Territory Government Offers $15000 Cash Benefit For Families Ready To Move To The State

The Northern Territory government wants to increase the population of the state by offering big incentives to the individuals, couples and families interested in relocating to the north.

The government has declared to invest millions of dollars (around 9.3 million dollars) to attract more people including immigrants to move to the state with families for work in “high priority” jobs.

This declaration is part of the Northern Territory’s Growth Strategy for Population 2018-2028, where the government is expecting the boost in population by adding 21,000 new job opportunities and $10.4 billion to the Northern Territory’s economy in next 10 years.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner unveiled this ‘Population Growth Strategy’ plan of his government on Wednesday. “Just about every regional center in Australia is trying to grow their population. It’s a national trend,” said Mr. Gunner said. He further added that “Moving costs are an example of such a barrier. We’re going to break these barriers.”

As per the strategy, the financial aid includes local living expenditure benefit, retention bonus and relocation cost which will be available for the families, couples and individuals willing to relocate to Northern Territory.

Under the strategy singles will be given $3000, couples will be given $6000 and the families will be given $7000 as a moving cost.

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In addition to the instant financial assistance, new residents will be entitled to a one-off $1,250 ‘local expenditure benefit’ post completing six months in NT to spend in the initial two years against the cost incurred while in the Territory which includes child care, vehicle registration and dining out. The new residents will also receive an additional cash bonus if they stay in NT for five years continuously.

“The total benefit for a family would be more than $15,000 over five years,” said Mr. Gunner.

“This is mounting a pretty strong case to make the move.”

For this strategy of population growth, the NT government will spend approximately $14 million on numerous incentives in total for which even the overseas migrants are also eligible.

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As per the forecast, the population of Northern Territory is likely to drop by 0.7 percent this financial year, while this plan aims to seize that decline return growth to its prior average of 1.4 percent.

To achieve this, the NT would need to attract or retain an additional 2,600 people over the next year.

The list of over 53 jobs includes chefs, pilots, accountants, university lecturers, early childcare workers and farmers.

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