How to Apply Family Sponsored Visa for Australia

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How to Apply Family Sponsored Visa for Australia

Persons sponsored by family members can travel to Australia to see their relatives with the help of a family-sponsored visa. When a person applies for a visa, and the Department of home affairs decides on his application, he must be outside of Australia. Typically, this visa has a single entry restriction on its issuance. The applicant must apply for a new valid visa to return to Australia after leaving.

How to apply Family Sponsored Visa In Australia

A Family Sponsored Visa Australia permits the bearer to go to Australia for a brief period, during which they may partake in leisure pursuits, pay visits to loved ones, or enrol in a study or training course. The visitor has someone in Australia who can essentially “vouch” for them, which sets it apart from a tourist visa.

A Family sponsored visa 600 entitles a person to stay in Australia. He can visit Australia as a tourist, stay with their relatives, or even enrol in a three-month short-term study programme on this family-stream visitor visa. However, Family-sponsored visas do not permit the person to work in Australia. When the Department questions the sincerity of travel but grants visa 600, a sponsor may frequently be required to pay a fully refundable bond to the Australian government. Bonds can range in price and go as high as 10,000 AUD per individual.

What are the eligibility requirements? 

To comply with the eligibility requirement, an applicant must –

  • Satisfies character and fitness requirements: While the applicant is in Australia, he must manage all his medical expenses. Unless his home country and Australia have a reciprocal health care agreement, Australia’s national health program (Medicare) does not cover him. 
  • Have enough money to cover the expenses while he is visiting Australia.
  • Intends to participate in the Sponsored Family stream activities.
  • provide evidence to the department of home affairs –
  • He is a sincere tourist going to Australia.
  • He is going to see his relatives.
  • He has a qualified relative or a representative of the Australian government sponsoring him.

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What is the application procedure to follow to apply for a family-sponsored visa?

The sponsor and family member must apply for the family-sponsored visa together (the visitor). The visitor submits the Sponsorship Form 1149 with the other necessary paperwork for their Australian visa application after the sponsor completes it and sends it to them. The procedure for application of family sponsored visa 600 is as follows-

  1. The sponsor fills in the sponsorship form 1149 for an Australian visa. The applicant can download the form online, complete it, and forward it to the visitor.
  2. The applicant collects the necessary paperwork for the sponsored family visa.
  3. He registers for an ImmiAccount, uploads the documents in E-form, and pays the visa fee.
  4. The applicant has to wait for the hearing of the decision.

After reviewing the application, the visa officers will send the applicant an email outlining the specifics and terms of the visa. The family sponsored visitor visa Australia processing time is 75% of applications in 50 days and 90% of the applications in 70 days. Australia charges AUD 145 for a visit on a family-sponsored visa. The applicant can Pay for an Australian visa online with a debit or credit card.

The extension of family-sponsored visiting visas is not possible. This sort of visa has the restriction “8503 – No Further Stay,” which, as the name implies, prohibits staying in the nation after it has expired.

Which documents are required for family-sponsored visa 600?

Sponsored family visitor visa 600 checklist of documents are as follows- 

  • Applications form for visa 600 (application form 1418 for sponsored family stream visa)
  • The form by the sponsor (such as sponsorship form  1149 ), together with a copy of their Australian passport or other proof of permanent residency and contact information
  • The sponsor must provide a security bond If the Department of Home Affairs requests one.
  • Birth certificates and national identification cards are examples of identification documents.
  • Valid passport for at least six months after the entry date into Australia
  • Recent, colour, passport-sized photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm).
  • Evidence that the applicant has a valid reason to return to the applicant’s home country. Such as a letter from your employer stating that you intend to resume your current position, documents attesting to your enrollment in school or university, the existence of close relatives in your home country, and evidence of your properties, assets, ongoing income, savings, and debts.
  • Records of military service, including, if appropriate, discharge or exception documentation
  • Proof that the applicant is a genuine entrant.

Should an applicant put up a Security Bond?

All applicants are not obliged to post bonds since the department makes individual decisions about whether to do so. The department will inform them in writing when a bond is required and how much it will cost. The goal of the bond is to guarantee that the sponsor has fulfiled the  duties attached to a family sponsored visa and the visa holder complies with all terms and conditions.

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Summing up

A family sponsored visa 600 is a stream of a visitor visa 600 that allows a family member sponsored by an Australian resident to visit and stay in Australia for some time. As an applicant for a family-sponsored visa, a person must have a sponsor or intention to come to Australia as a tourist.

The family sponsored visa Australia has stricter requirements than the Tourist Visa 600. In some circumstances, the department may require payment of a security bond. If the visa holder abides by all the restrictions, the department will fully repay the bond they paid. The applicant can also apply for the Tourist Visa, which does not require sponsorship or a bond if he intends to visit family.

An applicant must comply with the requirements for tourist visa in Australia with sponsor to be eligible for visa subclass 600. It does not allow applicants to work in Australia. However, they can participate in a study course for three months duration. 

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