Avoid These Rejection Reasons For Your Visitor Visa Subclass 600

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Avoid These Rejection Reasons For Your Visitor Visa 600

Nothing can be more disheartening to hear the news of your Tourist Visa 600 refusal at a time when you are completely ready to board your flight to Australia. However, still, you have some options to explore. You may make a re-application for the same visa or apply for a different visa if eligible. But before proceeding with the re-application, you should first know the usual reasons why Tourist Visa 600 gets rejected by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. This blog will help you understand those factors.

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Reasons Why Your Visitor Visa 600 Is Rejected

This section discusses the top ten reasons behind the rejection of Visa Subclass 600, which you must note.

  • You Are From a High-Risk Country

    After you apply, the Department of Immigration will assess your application by your home country. If you are from a high-risk country, the Department will most likely not approve your application.
    Therefore, you should first do the necessary research on the visitor visa type you are applying for. A professional migration agent can help you. For each category of visa, a specific subclass number is given. For example, in the Eta Subclass 601, the subclass number is 601. Someone coming from a high-risk country will not be eligible for this visa.
  • You Have Already a History Of Visa Refusal

    The authority will also assess the history of your visa application. That is why meeting the visa conditions is highly essential, specifically if you want to revisit Australia in the future.
    If the Immigration Department find that you have not met previous visa conditions, there is a high chance of visa refusal. These conditions usually include:
    – No further stay,
    – No permission to work,
    – No permission to study, and
    – Overstay on the visa or failure to meet requirements may lead to a ban for 3 years.
  • Conflicting Archive And Data With Your Application

    If you want to fill out the application form yourself, you can. But, you should be very careful about the inconsistencies in the application. The risk of having conflicting information can be very high, and a single inconsistency can lead to your visa refusal.
    Not only that but you may also be disallowed to appeal the decision given by the Immigration department. You can take help from a registered migration consultant to ensure 100% accuracy and consistency.
  • Absence Of Proof

    Another common reason behind a tourist visa refusal is the lack of proof. For the visa grant, you will be required to meet all the eligibility requirements.
    1. You should be able to support your planned holiday in Australia financially. Alternatively, you can also have a sponsor who can give you the necessary financial support.
    2. You must demonstrate that you are a genuine tourist and will return to Australia at the end of the trip.
    3. While applying, you should provide sufficient evidence in support of your claims. Failing to show proof will result in visa refusal.
    4. The Home Affairs Department will want to make sure that you are visiting Australia for a trip purpose only and you will not stay here forever.
  • Check Your Financial Requirements

    To cover your costs during your stay in Australia, you should have a sufficient fund balance. You should show previous bank statements, audited accounts, payslips, credit card limits, and tax records for evidence. Insufficient financial evidence will cancel your visa application.
  • Bogus And Misleading Documents

    According to the ministry, a document will be considered bogus when altered by a specific person who has no right to do so or contains misleading or false statements.
    As a tourist visa applicant, you have to prove your identity and submit accurate information with the application. The Home Affairs Department may refuse the application if you fail to satisfy the Public Interest Criteria when you or any family member does one of the following.
    1. You fail to submit sufficient proof.
    2. You provide misleading and bogus information or documents related to your current visa application.
    3. You provide false documents related to a previous visa.
  • Neglecting To Meet Wellbeing Necessities

    The Australian Government is strict about public health and wellbeing, and therefore, all visa applicants should meet health requirements.
    – You must not have any disease or health condition that may lead to significant community service or healthcare costs.
    – You should not have any disease that may threaten Australian public life.
    You may have to go through specific health examinations, the results of which will be examined by a MOC (Medical Officer of the Commonwealth). If your medical condition is found to be severe, the MOC will inform the Immigration Department whether the condition can.
    – Pose a threat to public health,
    – Lead to significant community service or healthcare expenses,
    – Place a demand on community services or healthcare where there is a shortage of supply.
  • Neglecting To Meet Character Necessities

    To stay in Australia, you should be of good character. It means you should pass the character test. Your visa application will meet refusal if the following conditions apply.
    – You have a serious criminal record.
    – You were put behind bars for any offence or have escaped from immigration detention.
    – You have been attached to an organisation or group suspected by the authority because of being involved in criminal activities.
    – You are suspected of being involved in people trafficking, people smuggling, a war crime, genocide, a crime involving slavery or torture, a crime against humanity, or a crime of international concern, etc.
    – While living in Australia, if you get involved in harassing, molesting, or stalking another person, become a threat to the Australian community, incite any discord in the Australian community, your visa application will be refused because of bad character.
  • Check Sufficient Funds To Return To Your Home Country

    For the Visa 600 application, you must have sufficient funds to return to your country of residence or home country. Not providing enough incentives to return there will also lead to visa refusal. These incentives may include proof of your studying in a school or college in your home country, a letter from your company stating that you will return to join your job, proof of owning significant assets and having family members waiting for your return.
  • Failed To Immigration Updates

    After the submission, the Immigration Department may ask you for further information. You will have about 28 days in your hand to answer their request. Failing to do so will lead to Visa Subclass 600 refusal. You may have to provide your biometrics and health examination documents within the given time. For other types of visas, you may also need to provide an English language document.
    Subclass 600 Visa will allow you to explore this beautiful country with your beloved ones. All your dreams can get ruined if you make these major mistakes. So, you should be very cautious about it.

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