Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804

The Australian government has granted a visa named as Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 is a permanent visa which allows those parents whose children are a permanent resident of Australia for a long time. The Subclass 804 Visa allows the eligible applicant to stay in Australia for an unconditional time. The visa allows the applicant to pursue their studies in Australia. The visa allows the holder to work in Australia also. They can avail various benefits such as medical insurance or any other health care scheme. The visa also has a unique characteristic which is the visa sponsors for your family members to come to Australia.

The visa is a permanent one which allows the applicant to stay there for as long time they want. However, the visa is valid only if the applicant has not applied for visa in any other country. There is no limit in travelling any other country but you cannot have this permanent Australian visa if you already had a permanent visa for any other country. The detailed rules and regulations of this visa can be obtained from ISA Migrations & Education Consultants. The Migration Agent Australia will help you out in case you have any query regarding this visa 804.

Aged Parent Visa 804 general eligibility criteria

There are certain factors which need to be fulfilled before achieving the permanent Aged Parent Visa 804. As an applicant, you are supposed to fulfill all the factors otherwise it might lead to rejection for your application form. The Australian government has highly professional staffs that will evaluate your application form and will grant your visa. To get an 804 Visa Subclass, you should clear all this factors which are listed below:

  • Sponsor: You must be sponsored by an eligible candidate. Usually if you do not have an eligible child, you can get a sponsored by a relative or any organization and your sponsorship must be approved.

  • Age criteria: You must be a pensioner while applying for this visa which means at least 65 years of age

  • Health requirement: The Australian government has specific health criterions which you and your family needs to fulfill while applying for this visa. The concerned authority may also ask the non-migrating family members to meet the requirements.

  • Character requirement: You and your family should be able to fulfill the above character requirements which are stated by the Australian government.

  • Meet the balance of family test: You must meet the balance of family tests which includes that at least half of your children or step children should be eligible children or there are more eligible children staying in Australia than any other country.

  • Assurance support: The Parent Visa Subclass 804 Eligibility states that you should acquire an assurance support. An assurance support states that you don’t need to rely on Australian government after you enter Australia with the visa. The assurance is your loved ones who have come to Australia with you on this visa.

  • Debt in Australia: You and your family members should clear all your debts if you have them before applying for this visa or you should have made some arrangements of paying it back.

  • Cancellation of Visa: You should not have your visa cancelled or refused while you are staying in Australia.

  • Sign the statement: You should sign the Australian value statement which states that you must except Australian way of life and obey Australian laws.

  • Interests of the children: A visa will not be granted if it is not the best interest of the applicant who is below the age of 18 years.

Requirements of Subclass 804 Aged Parent Visa

The Subclass 804 Aged Parent Visa should be free from any mistakes. The finest way to keep a track on all the requirements is to maintain a list of things to be carried out. The 804 Parent Visa requirements are listed below:

  • The applicant should be a pensioner to apply for this Visa Subclass 804.

  • The applicant should be of at least 65 years.

  • It is mandatory to qualify the medical and characteristics requirements for both you and your family.

  • Clearing balance of test is compulsory which indicates that at least one of your eligible children should be staying in Australia.

  • Any of your family member including you should not have any debt registered with the Australian government. If anything is there you need to clear it off.

  • Candidates who are already residing in Australia should not have their visa cancelled or rejected by the Australian government while staying there.

Processing time for Aged Parent Visa 804

The Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 Processing Time is not specific. The process will take longer time if you do not fill the details correctly. You need to also include all the documents that are required for your application to get a visa. Once you submit all the documents, now it is in the hands of the concerned person how much time they will require to evaluate the application form. Processing is not possible if you do not provide the required documents.

Name of the Visa Processing Time
Aged Parent Visa 804 30 Years

Visa Subclass 804 Checklist

The Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 Checklist will explain you the following process of how to get a visa:

  • Before applying: Verify your passport and check if you need any help to act on your behalf.

  • Documents: Gather all your documents including your family members which should also have the sponsored documents.

  • While applying: While applying for the Aged Parent Visa, you should be in Australia and not in immigration clearance.

  • After you apply: If in any case you forgot to attach any of your documents then you can send these documents to the Parent Visa 804 centre in Perth.

  • Outcome: After completing all this process, if your visa is granted then they will provide you the visa grant number along with the visa terms and condition and the date when your visa starts.

General FAQs Parent Visa Subclass 804

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