Visa Refusals, cancellations and Appeals

The Visa refusal or cancellation is likely when the Ministerial delegate refuses or cancels an Australian visa. The cancellation or refusal may be discretionary or by operation of law. When a visa is cancelled at the discretion, it is possible that your family member’s visas are also cancelled if any held by them. In case of getting a visa refused or cancelled, you might make an appeal to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal to get the reasons of visa cancellation reviewed and considered for approval. But, where the visa has been refused personally by the minister, a review appeal cannot be made.

Categories Of Visa Refusals, Cancellations & Appeals

AAT Appeals and Reviews

The Administrative Appeal Tribunal looks after the visa cancellation and refusal reviews. The AAT appeal can be applied for within 21 days from the date of visa refusal for the process of AAT review failing to which you will not be able to apply for a review. Flexibility is not provided in the lodging period for an AAT review in case of visa refusal or cancellation. The AAT appeal can bring you result in three possible ways from the Tribunal. He may uphold, remit or overturn your visa review appeal.

The subcategories of AAT appeal are:


The visa review is a process where all the documents are reviewed and the individual circumstances are taken into consideration during the review process. It is possible that there are errors or missing documents submitted by the applicant. In that case, an invitation to comment is given to the applicant for a particular date where he can submit the original and genuine documents and rectify the errors. The comment / submission should be made within the specified timeframe. During the visit to an interview, the individual must carry the original passport and all the outstanding documents with him. The application of the individual will be given a thorough review using the Ministerial Intervention consideration and a decision will be made based on the review.
The category of the Submission consists of:

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