Why PTE training?

For Migration:

Candidates may be required to appear for the PTE test as part of visa application if they want to migrate overseas. Demonstration of English proficiency is mandatory. The test is accepted by skill assessment authorities.

For Study:

All recognized universities and colleges accept PTE. Students who want to study abroad must take the PTE academic test.

For Work:

Employers, organizations and company look for applicants who have passed the PTE academic test. This ensures that the workers can survive in the tough working environment and communicate with their peers in a professional manner.

Why train for PTE with us?

  • Promised Results: If you abide by our methods and tips, success is all yours.
  • Techniques and Strategies: Plethora of tips and techniques will be delivered to prepare you to take the test confidently
  • Master Class: Customized pre-exam Master class under guidance of Master Trainers will be conducted prior to the real test
  • In-house Study Material: We have created a complete comprehensive solution which intends to prepare the applicants for the final PTE academic test.
What Is PTE?

PTE acronym for Pearson Test of English is an internationally recognised computer-based test which is used to gauge proficiency in English language.

English speaking countries use PTE to assess English speaking skills of non-native English speakers who desire to work overseas. PTE revolves around the four main skills of English — Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Applicants have to excel in all the language skills to demonstrate their English proficiency.

PTE is conducted on a computer system in one session which lasts for 3.5 hours. The result of the test is declared within three to four days. Applicants have to visit a recognised PTE centre to appear for the test.

Format Of PTE

The PTE Academic Test intends to check all the language skills which include listening, reading, speaking and writing. Different questions formats such as multiple choice, information interpretation and essay writing are included in the PTE test. PTE assess the everyday academic English. Applicants are exposed to a range of accents such as American, British and non-native speaker that they will encounter in daily life.

The test format is as follows:

Speaking and Writing

(Duration 77 – 93 Minutes)

Applicants are judged on the basis of their speaking and writing skills (together). The ability to present spoken English in academic settings is assessed in the speaking part. For writing part, applicants are expected to write error free academic English with accurate spelling and sentence structuring.

Personal Introduction, reading aloud, sentence repetition, image description, summarizing, short answer question, essay writing is conducted to evaluate the proficiency.


(Duration 32 – 41 Minutes)

Applicants are tested on the basis of their reading skills. It includes 15 to 20 skill items which are assessed consecutively.

Diverse response formats are structures to test the competency of the applicant. The formats include fill in the blanks, paragraph reordering and multiple choice questions to test the ability of the applicants. This part also focuses on assessing writing skills since PTE is an integrated skill test.


(Duration – 45 to 57 Minutes)

The listening skills are assessed on the basis of audio or video clips. Applicants have to hear the clips carefully and take notes of the facts they find relevant. After hearing the clips, applicants are asked to summarise the spoken text. You can listen to the clip only once and then have to write the summary presenting the main ideas and supporting points.

How Long Is The PTE Validity Period?

The PTE score has a validity period of 2 years effective from the date of exam. After the expiry of the two-year period, PTE score is removed from the website.

How Credible Is PTE Score?

The PTE test is conducted on computers therefore the marking is 100% correct. All the candidates are assessed accurately and fairly.

How English Proficiency Level Is Measured By Department Of Home Affairs With PTE Score?

DHA measures English proficiency level with PTE score as follows:

English Language Proficiency Level PTE Score
Functional 30
Vocational 36
Competent 50
Proficient 65
Superior 79
When Do I Get Result Of My PTE Test?

The PTE result is typically available within five business days.

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