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Refugee Visa (subclass 200)

The Refugee Visa subclass 200 allows the applicant to stay permanently in Australia. The applicants must present a reference issued by the UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in order to be considered for immigration to Australia.
Refugee visa holders require the travel document to move out of Australia. After they have lived in Australia for five years, applicants will need the Resident Return Visa to fly to Australia.

The applicants who want to apply for the refugee visa must be:

  • Living outside Australia
  • Living outside their own country
  • Vulnerable to persecution in their own country

The applicants of the Refugee visa subclass 200 allows you to:

  • Work and study in Australia
  • Live permanently in Australia
  • File an application for Australian citizenship (when you have stayed in Australia for a duration of 4 years)
  • Sponsor family members for permanent residence in Australia
  • Participate in English Language classes
  • Register for Medicare and avail its benefits
  • Acquire social security payments
  • 1. Applicants can be proposed by members of their immediate family (split family) who have availed the refugee visa subclass 200 in the past five years.
  • The proposer must fulfil the below mentioned conditions:
    • Must possess the permanent humanitarian visa
    • Didn’t enter Australia on or after 13 August 2012 (Illegal Maritime Arrival)
  • Applicants must fulfil the health standards. However, the health waiver is applicable in some compelling circumstances.
  • Applicants should demonstrate adequate evidence of their character. They must supply a police certificate from the country where they have lived for a year or more in the last 10 years after the age of 16. Police clearance certificate has to be presented for the applicant as well as dependent family members irrespective of the fact they are migrating or not.
  • The applicant must not owe any kind of debt to the Australian government. In case there are any debts, he/she should make adequate arrangement to clear the debt before the visa is granted.
From where can I apply for the Refugee visa?

The applicants have to be away from Australia at the time of visa lodgement. Also, they must be outside Australia at the time of visa grant.

What is the cost of Refugee visa?

There is no cost for Refugee visa application. The travel cost is paid by the Australian government. Other incurred costs such as health examination and cultural orientation are also paid by the Australian government.

Can I include family members in the visa application?

Yes, you can include the following people in your visa application:

  • Married or de facto partner
  • Dependent relatives
  • Your children or your partner’s children

You need to supply evidence such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, joint bank account and other necessary documents to prove your relationship with them.

Do I need to present biometric for the visa application?

Yes, you may be asked to present the biometrics.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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