COVID 19 – Temporary Work Visa New Updates and Arrangements

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COVID 19 – Temporary Work Visa New Updates and Arrangements

As the occurrence of Covid-19 has prevented thousands of temporary visa holders to depart as well as access the country, the Immigration Minister of the Australian Government has made an official announcement of providing governmental backup and monetary support to lessen the severity of the situation. This will allow all Australian temporary visa holders, permanent residents as well as citizens to meet their individual requirements whether it’s related to going back to their home country or financially supporting their family members.  Some of these official announcements related to different types of visa holders can be considered below.

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Working Holiday Visa Holders

People who are staying in Australia by holding the working holiday visas 417 and 462 can continue working in their organizations even if the permissible time-frame of 6 months has crossed, and, they don’t need to make any formal request to seek permission for that. This will be considered as their continual working periods while staying in Australia during the second and third years of their working holiday visa. Some of the probable sectors in which a person can work by holding the visa subclass 417 and 462 can be considered below.

Earlier, the Australian Government grants application of a new visa for temporary visa holders due to the Corona outbreak.

  • Childcare
  • Food Processing (this primarily includes picking of fruits)
  • Agriculture (this chiefly includes cultivation of plants and animals)
  • Disability Care, Aged Care as well as Health Care

As a matter of fact, people who are already holding the Working Holiday Visa 417and Working Holiday Visa 462, but, are unable to serve the working periods whilst staying in Australia during the second and third year and who cannot return to their home country as of now will be able to apply for a special visa, which is the Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa, without any hesitation. This particular visa category will allow them to stay and continue to work in Australia temporarily.

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Besides this, working visa holders who are unable to meet their work requirements as well as other expenses during their stay in Australia can leave the nation as instructed by the Australian Immigration Department. Also, certain working holiday visa holders who are unable to leave Australia at the moment must find a suitable alternative visa option to continue staying in Australia in a hassle-free manner.

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Updates for New Zealand Citizens

All the dwellers of New Zealand who are staying in Australia from 26th February 2001, will get the same rights and privileges as that of the Australian permanent residents. These include the provision of different types of JobKeeper and Welfare payments. However, New Zealand citizens who are staying in Australia by holding the visa subclass 444 will also get access to beneficial JobKeeper payments, but, only for a limited time. Besides, if anyhow they become unable to financially support themselves during their stay in Australia, they will have to return to their home country i.e. New Zealand.

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Offshore Students are prone to Visa Cancellation

Australian international students who are unable to meet their visa conditions due to the Covid-19 outbreak including attending classes intermittently may face an abrupt cancellation of their student visa. However, they will still be eligible to gain access to their personal savings, their earnings by doing a job in Australia as well as the financial aid provided by their family to financially support themselves during their stay in Australia. Not only this, but they will also be able to access their superannuation if for any reason they are encountering an unwanted financial crunch. Apart from this, the condition to work 40 hours in a fortnight is still applicable to all the international students except availing certain privileges like:

  • Students can work for limitless hours after their course of study gets over or has been shelved due to course break or if it has been deferred.
  • Students who are working in different types of supermarkets will be able to work for unlimited hours from 1st March 2020 and can continue to do that till 1st May 2020.
  • Students who are working in the sector of Aged Care and Nursing will also be able to work for extended hours to assist these sectors optimally.

However, the facts regarding these Immigration updates are prone to changes according to the necessity of the situations, and, will also be updated from time to time.

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