Skilled Visa Nomination Program 2019-2020: Latest Changes To Skilled Nomination and Visa Conditions

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Skilled Visa Nomination Program 2019-2020: Latest Changes To Skilled Nomination and Visa Conditions

The state of Victoria in Australia faces closure in its Skilled Visa Nomination Program of 2019-2020. The proclamation was made by the Department of Home Affairs until recently. It includes both the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa 491 and the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass-190). The invitations for two skilled migration programs will commence once again from 1st July 2020. There are some other Australian places that are facing similar situations due to Covid-19. The following 3 highlights will give you a clearer picture of it.

Skilled Nomination Visa

  • The state of Tasmania has framed convenient eligibility criteria for those applicants who have been inflicted by Covid-19.
  • New South Wales will re-open the invitations for its Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa shortly.
  • Victoria announces closure in its Skilled Visa Nomination Program including the visa subclass 190 and 491.

Apart from this alteration in its Skilled Visa Nomination Program, Victoria is facing a couple of issues more due to the Covid-19. These particularly include a crunch of sufficient resources in its health and financial sector. Experts say that these sates are prioritizing only those occupants who will help in curbing the severity of the Covid-19.

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Tasmania Declares A New Set of Eligibility Criteria For Its Visa Applicants

A state like Tasmania has also introduced some advantageous eligibility requirements in the plight of Covid-19. These eligibility criteria are certainly designed for a particular group of applicants including.

  • Overseas applicants who can avail of these eligibilities, but, on certain conditions. These include their inability to submit CRICOS courses to their concerned campuses for studying remotely online.
  • Applicants who cannot return to Tasmania due to the Covid-19 restrictions will become eligible for certain visa privileges. These include their eligibility to apply for the visa subclass 190 and 491. Similarly, they can apply for these two visas only if they can provide adequate credentials.
  • Students can study online due to leaving Tasmania due to Covid-19 and for being unable to return there. This particular visa criterion is applicable to students who lived and studied in Tasmania at least for 1 year.

Aside from this, eligible students also need to complete a course from a Tasmanian institution comprising a duration of 2 years. Not only this, but they also need to enter the state as soon as the travel restrictions were withdrawn.

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Important Visa Changes Made by Australia

The Australian Capital Territory has also announced some special visa changes for visa applicants affected by the Covid-19. These include the following:

  • As of June 3, only 81 applications of the visa subclass 190 were accepted.
  • No visa application has been accepted pertaining to the visa subclass 491.
  • The reduced number of visa 190 applications is the verdict of the state’s annual allocation meeting 2019-2020. This can also be the repercussion of the massive amounts of visa applications Australia received during April-May.
  • The state also announced another privilege to a special category applicant inflicted by the Covid-19 crisis. These include applicants who couldn’t request for a waiver for the ‘continuous employment’ eligibility criteria due to substantial causes.

The government has declared that in May, the 190 visa applications were as high as visa 485. This is the prime reason for which it faced such a less number of visa applications this month.

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New South Wales Announces Some Updates in Its Skilled Nomination Program

The state of New South Wales has also declared some important visa updates on its website. It has specifically declared that it will accept the applications of the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) quite soon. The fact is this particular update has not been confirmed yet. Despite this, many experts are presuming that the applications might begin to be accepted from July of this year. They are quite hopeful that there is a 100% chance of this cliff-hanger to turn into good news.

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