Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time Demystified

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Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time Demystified

Amazing beaches, exciting cities, and a vibrant cultural environment are all available in Australia. Although many nationalities are qualified for an Australian tourist, an electronic authorisation for visa-exempt countries, travelling to Australia may need obtaining a visa. Unlike any other substantial visa, getting your Australia visitor visa online is simple and quick.

Every application for a tourist visa is evaluated individually by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The subclass 600 processing time listed on the DHA website provides an approximate idea of how long it would take to obtain an Australian visa; however, these times could change based on the volume of applications, the number of spaces available in the program, and the specifics of your situation.

Australia Tourist Visa

An Australia tourist visa permits foreign nationals to go to Australia temporarily or visit family or friends. When applying for this visa, remember that you cannot use it for professional or therapeutic purposes. 

You can study or train in Australia using a visitor’s visa for around three months. In any case, a visiting visa does not allow you to work in Australia. You may request a study visa if your primary reason for visiting Australia is to enrol in classes there. 

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Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time

Visitor visa subclass 600 processing time is distinct for its streams. The processing time is as follows:

Tourist Visa Stream

  • 25% of applications take less than a day to process 
  • In 50% of cases, it takes six days.
  • 26 days for 75% of applications
  • 37 days for 90% of applications

Business Traveller Stream

  • Less than a day for 25% of applicants
  • Three days for 50% of applications
  • Nine days for 75% of applications 
  • 25 days for 90% of applications

Sponsored Family Visa Stream

  • 28 days for 25% of applicants
  • 36 days for 50% of applicants
  • 45 days for 75% of applicants 
  • 50 days for 90% of applications

Use the visa processing time advice tool to find out how long it will take to process this visa. Here are the processing times for recently approved applications. It is merely a guide and is not specific to your application. It is only a guide and is not specific to your application.

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Factors Affecting Visa 600 Processing Times

Visitor Visa processing time depends on several variables, including:

  • All necessary supporting documents had to be included when you submitted your application
  • Your response time to requests for additional knowledge
  • The time it takes the authorities to conduct the essential verifications of the data in your application.
  • Time needed to gather more information about your health, character, and national security
  • The data and documentation you supply will be used to determine whether to accept or reject your visa application.

It is advisable to apply for your visa well before your intended departure date and postpone making travel plans until your visa 600 has been approved. You should be aware of the following essentials regarding this visa:

  • On this visa, working cannot be permitted.
  • With this visa, you can move around Australia and stay wherever you like.
  • The visa is given for three months to a year.

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According to several variables, including the visa type you are asking for and your unique situation, the processing time for an Australian tourist visa can change. The visitor visa processing time can vary from a few days to several weeks, according to the Department of Home Affairs website of the Australian government. To give yourself enough time for your application to be processed, it is generally preferable to apply for your visa well before the dates you want to visit.

You can take the assistance of an immigration expert for a hassle-free visa application.

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