Tips to Help You for Applying an Australia Student Visa

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Tips to Help You for Applying an Australia Student Visa

Applying for a visa can be a very confusing process if you are not aware of what documents you need to prepare and what are the requirements. Especially if you are planning to apply for an Australia student visa, the process of applying for one can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you prepare your application for the visa.

What You Must Have When Applying for an Australia Student Visa

Before you apply for a visa you need to receive acceptance by an Australian tertiary education institution which gives you permission to study with them. To be eligible for an Australian student visa you need to take part in the either primary or high school, a short course, higher education course, etc.

Once you find a course that fits you, you will need to contact the education provider directly. If you are applying with an education agent, then this process will be much easier for you to accomplish. Always contact the education provider in advance to clarify the application process because some universities would only accept applicants if they have consulted their qualified education agents.

You will need to prepare a 2000 word statement on why you wish to study in Australia. Your statement should include why you have chosen the course and university and what advantage you will gain by pursuing your chosen course. You will need to wait for your proof of study which means that the university is accepting your application and has given you a certificate to prove it.

You must complete your health examinations before initiating the visa application process. You must use Australia’s My Health Declarations to ensure that you have completed the assessment against the Australian health requirements for immigration.

You may need to prepare evidentiary documents to support your study claims, this is to prove that you are capable of covering all the costs of studying and living in Australia. To ensure that you have the correct documents ready, use the Document Checklist Tool which is provided by the DIBP or Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Consider Getting Assistance from Overseas Education Consultants

In order for you to easily complete the requirements and save all the hassle of processing the application yourself, overseas education consultants and education agents can be of use. Overseas education consultants will provide you with the necessary information regarding admissions of universities. They can provide you with detailed information on what are the cost of living and tuition fees you may need to prepare. Experienced consultants are well aware of all the necessary documents you need to prepare when applying for an Australia student visa. They will ensure that you have all the documents ready to pass your application for the visa with ease.

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