Graduate Visa 485 Requirements to Study in Australia

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Graduate Visa 485 Requirements to Study in Australia

Have you an international student who just completed a course in an Australian learning institution and you wish to stay longer in the country to study some more? Then, what you need is the Graduate Visa 485. More known as the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, this visa type is designed for international students like you who have completed a college program in the country. With this, you are allowed to study, work and stay in Australia temporarily after you graduate from the course. You can only get the Subclass 485 Australia once and just as the principal applicant.

Essential Facts About The Temporary Graduate Visa 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 has two streams – the Post-Study Work Stream which will allow you to stay in Australia from two to four years, and the Graduate Work Stream, which lets you stay in the country for 18 months. You can apply for this visa type if you are below 50 years of age. Also, you must obtain an eligible visa, and you must have the most recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered program. Eligibility must be related to a job that is listed as Graduate Work stream a skilled occupation. You must also have acquired the Post-Study Work stream.

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The Visa Subclass 485 is designed to let an individual obtain work experience in his/her area of study. Similarly, the same visa will let you stay in Australia for a particular time in order to study for endless hours, and travel within and outside of Australia several times. As mentioned, under the Graduate Work Stream, with this visa type, you can stay in the said country for 18 months longer. And, for the Post-Study Work Stream, you are allowed to remain in Australia for two to four years more, provided that you have the said visa.

The Visa 485 Requirements To Meet And Get

Aside from those mentioned above, the fees and single visa, you should also consider health condition as another essential requirement to meet as an international student to get the visa. The medical examinations you need to attend depending on your circumstances like your citizenship, length of stay outside Australia for the past five years, and the activities you intend to engage in while in Australia. Typically, the health test results have 12 months validity. This applies to you if you are an international student and a family member included in your application. It is essential to have a 485 Visa checklist to ensure you are meeting all the requirements to be given the visa.

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As for the fees, this visa type costs AUD 1,500. The 485 Visa Processing Time varies according to the stream you are applying for. For the Graduate Work Stream, the application process takes up to five months. The Post-Study Work Stream may need up to 73 days to process. Aside from the processing time, other factors you should consider is the skill assessment to get the visa. Say, you are applying for the Graduate Work Stream, you need to acquire a positive result on your skill assessment. You may choose from the temporary graduate visa 485 skill assessments for various fields in engineers, tradesmen, nurses, IT professionals and teachers, among others.  Finally, you’ll know if it is the right time to apply for this visa if you have already been lodged within six months of your course completion and if you are seeking application before your student visa expires. You can contact Education Consultant Perth at ISA Migrations and Education Consultants.

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