Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist

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Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist

Visitor (Subclass 600) Visas include the Family Sponsored Visa type. It permits the bearer to travel to Australia for a brief stay, during which they can visit family, partake in tourist activities, and even enrol in a quick course of study or training. It is not the same as a tourist visa because the traveller has an Australian who can essentially “vouch” for them. If you are related to someone, you can sponsor them. They are not assured of getting the visa just because you agree to nominate them.

  • A tourist visa 600 issued under the sponsored family stream allows a person to enter Australia for 12 months. Once the visa expires, there is no way to extend your stay in Australia.
  • With this visa, you can spend up to 12 months visiting and staying with relatives or friends in Australia.
  • You may use this visa to travel to Australia for any reason, including a cruise vacation, a tourist visit, or any other cause unrelated to business travel or medical care.
  • You may enrol in a training program or study course approved for the Australian visa category 600, provided the course duration doesn’t exceed three months.

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Eligibility Requirement for Sponsored Family Visa

The following circumstances usually qualify an applicant for a subclass 600 visa’s supported family stream eligibility:

  • If you want to sponsor a family member to come to Australia on a visitor’s visa, you must already be a resident of Australia, and the family member must only be visiting for a short time.
  • The applicant must meet the visitor visa subclass 600 medical requirements and character standards. They also need to have enough money to cover the cost of their trip to Australia. Nevertheless, the applicant may be subject to particular requirements based on the country of origin. 
  • Only those sponsored will be able to enter Australia through this stream. One may submit a second application for a 600 tourist visa if more family members wish to travel to Australia. Applications for sponsored visas and tourist visas may be submitted and processed concurrently.
  • Both online and offline applications for these visas are accepted.

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Checklist for Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600

The documents prescribed on the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist are as follows:

  1. Identity documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage or divorce certificates, attest to a name change.
  2. Present documentation, such as marriage licenses, divorce decrees, death certificates, separation agreements, or official declarations, if you are or were married, widowed, divorced, or permanently separated.
  3. Present an overseas police certificate from any nation, including your own, where you have lived for 12 months or longer in the ten years since you became sixteen. Any military discharge papers or service records from any country you served in the armed forces must be presented.
  4. Passport-sized photos.
  5. Adequate health coverage is a must for all applicants.
  6. Health assessments.
  7. If the applicant is under 18, copies of their birth certificates, the family bible with their parents’ names, or, if relevant, their adoption documents.
  8. Present as much documentation as possible to meet Visitor Visa Sponsor Income Requirements. It consists of documents proving you have the funds to leave Australia and for your stay, such as credit card balances, pay stubs, audited accounts, tax records, term deposits, and three months’ worth of bank statements.
  9. An invitation to visit sent to you by a friend or relative who lives in Australia. The letter could include information about their relationship with you, why you visit, how long you plan to stay, and whether you stay with them. If a person is paying for your visit, show proof of their finances and your travel plans while in Australia.
  10. The reasons you have for leaving your visit early, such as A note from your employer confirming your intention to resume work; your studies at a home school, home college, or home university; the fact that you have family members in your home country; the fact that you can return home; or the fact that you own a home or other noteworthy possessions in your nation of origin.
  11. Present proof, such as your living arrangement, salary, and residency status, ensures your stay in Australia can be funded by the sponsored family member.

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You must wonder how to sponsor a visitor visa for parents, so there is a family-sponsored visa subclass 600 under the tourist visa category. To allow family members to stay with you in Australia for an extended time, the Subclass 600 Family Stream is a visa option. Your family member may remain for up to 12 months on this visa. One entrance or more may be permitted with the family-sponsored visitor visa (Subclass 600 Sponsored Family Stream). 

The sponsored family member must remain outside of Australia during the application process and can’t re-enter the country until the visa application has been granted. Consult a Immigration Consultant if you wish to sponsor a family member or be sponsored by one yourself so that you can go to Australia. 

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